Giving Thanks, part 4: Today

Today I am grateful for today.  It was a beautiful day.  I think it’ll be the last of the sunny and warm days for a while, because it started getting windy, rainy and chilly tonight.  We even saved a stranded cat who was crying in our bushes because she was lonely and cold.  Is she yours?  Do you want her to be?  I’m not so much a cat person.  But this one is so sweet and pretty.  We named her Kitty:

She has bright baby blue eyes and loves to cuddle.  
I also started to prepare for Jameser’s blessing on Sunday.  Lots of shopping, lots of chopping.  My hands still smell like onions.  But I loved it.  I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to start a wee catering business.  Maybe one day.
I hung out with Kelsey in her room for a little while today.  She is strikingly beautiful and is really maturing.  We had fun talking about fashion as she made a huge donation pile of clothes she never wears.  Our mom told her she would pay her $.50 for every piece of clothing she gave away.  I’d say she made a pretty penny today!  It was a fun bonding time for Kitz and me.  I hope to have many more of those in the future.
I’ve also noticed that John William has been paying special attention to me lately.  Today he reached out for me a little more and made sure I knew he was thinking of me and needed me near.  It’s such a blessing to have a conscientious and compassionate husband.  I never want to take that for granted.
Engagement photo shoot, October 2009