Giving Thanks, part 29: Mama

We got this taken together in one of those special affects photo booths.  But those are our real faces, we just picked the “sketch” affect.  How can you not love us!   This is around 2004. 

Today I am grateful for my mom . . . again.  I could write a post about her every day, seriously.
But today is her special day:  

Here are just 55 of the countless things I love about you and your heart:

Your laugh. 1.
Your jokes. 2.
You laugh at your own jokes. 3.
Your occasional cluelessness. 4.
Your depth of thought. 5.
Your yorkshire pudding feasts. 6.
You’re my best friend. 7.
You talk to me about Dad like a giddy school girl. 8.
You are obsessed with the Scriptures. 9.
You are friends with my friends. 10.
You are James’ Grammy. 11.
You’re my walking buddy. 12.
You’re my philosophizing buddy. 13.
You serve more than anyone I’ve ever known. 14.
You’re my movie buddy. 15.
You tend James so I can do laundry. 16.
You are always conscientious of trying to progress personally. 17.
You have boxes and boxes of Family Home Evening files. 18.
You put up little motivational quotes everywhere. 19.
You take James overnight when I need to catch up on sleep. 20.
You get me. 21.
You feel my pain. 22.
You feel my joy. 23.
You slept in my bed with me for weeks in a row after 
I went through a terrible breakup and didn’t want to wake up alone. 24.
“I promise you that by the end of this year you will be the happiest you have ever been.” 25.
You tell me to be tough when I need to be tough. 26.
You get more embarrassed for people when they get embarrassed 
than they are for themselves. 27.
You let me sing to you. 28.
You let me dance for you. 29.
You dance for me. 30.
You think I’m creative. 31.
You don’t like the spotlight. 32.
You were a stay at home mother. 33.
You are kind to everyone. 34.
You love dogs and don’t judge me for not liking them that much. 35.
You do a great “tiger-ette.” 36.
You play the piano at Christmas time. 37.
You have a gorgeous singing voice. 38.
Your willow flower racks and handcarts. 39.
Your messy van. 40.
Your huge, teethy grin. 41.
You wrote me every week on my mission. 42.
You helped me stay on my mission. 43.
Your homemade Christmas stockings. 44.
Your value for traditional gender roles in the family. 45.
Your selflessness in caring for your mother. 46.
You came to every single one of my high school performances. 47.
You threw me a surprise victory party when I won the “No Champs” 
tennis tournament when I was ten. 48.
Your incredible cheekbones. 49.
Your love and respect for John. 50.
You help me learn that I can always choose how to respond to my emotions. 51.
You love your children more than we could ever know. 52.
Your love for Nacho Libre. 53.
Your humility and meekness. 54.
Your booty dances. 55.
You are a true friend, a true servant, a true supporter.  I could not imagine a better mother for me, or a better grandmother for my children.  I love you with all of my heart.  Thanks for never giving up on me.