Giving Thanks, part 27: Birthdays

Today I am grateful for birthdays.  Tonight we celebrated my mom’s and my birthday; hers is on the 29th and mine is today.  I’ve always loved having my birthday so close to my mom’s.  It makes me feel a special connection to her.  It kinda makes me feel like we’re sisters, too.

at my golden birthday surprise party

For our birthday dinner we had Classic and Pesto Swiss Fondue with a slew of dippers.  Then we had mom’s famous croissant bread pudding for dessert.  I request that every year instead of cake.  It is crazy delicious.

Since all the older kids are married now, our family has started to make birthday dinners a bigger deal than they used to be.  It’s kind of become a tradition now, without us even meaning for it to.  The birthday person picks a fancy dinner for my mom to make and I usually bring a cake they like for dessert, and we all bring presents to give to the V.I.P.  And at dinner we all go around the table, each telling the birthday person what we love about them.  It is always such a lovely evening.  I definitely felt the love today {this whole weekend!}, and LOVED that I got to share the evening with my sweet mother.

I got some very heartfelt gifts tonight.  Andee gave me a CD of James’ three month photo shoot.  Oh are those pictures not the cutest things!!!  And my mama gave me a homemade car seat cover that I am drooling over.  Ellie have me a GORGEOUS picture of the SL Temple {we needed one so badly, and this is the most beautiful one I’ve seen}.  And my sweet John surprised me yet again by printing off my blog and giving it to me in book form.  It will surely be a treasure for our posterity.  Man, birthdays have a way of making ya feel neat.