Giving Thanks, part 25: Thanksgiving Break

Today I am grateful that it’s Thanksgiving Break for John and that Jameser and I get to keep him all to ourselves this whole weekend.  Unfortunately he has come down with another sick bug, though.  So I am excited and grateful to be able to nurse him back to health and give him some solid T.L.C.  What else does this weekend have in store?

-Wii love, care of Black Friday and John’s mad shopping skills
-a couple lil’ celebrations for Jameser, Mama D., and me
-lots o dishes
-U of U final home game {which we will be watching on the tele.}
-finally taking the rest of the Halloween decorations down
-lots o laundry
-a special date on Saturday night that John won’t give details about
-playing with James all day {and all night probably–he ain’t sleeping much}
-shopping with Mama H.
-the gym?
-family time