Giving Thanks, part 24: November 24th, part 1 {Thanksgiving!}

Today I am grateful for so many things. It was just a day full of overwhelming gratitude.  First of all:
Happy Thanksgiving!!
We started off the day with our first annual D. Family 5k.  We were too late in signing up for any official races, so my mom just mapped out 3 miles and we all raced each other.  John came in third and we won a Cafe Rio Gift card!!  I was so grateful we could spend some time with my family in the morning, since we were planning on spending the rest of the day with John’s family.  I’m kinda obsessed with my fam.  And it felt great to get out and be active before we would surely stuff ourselves relentlessly.  And we are excited to keep this tradition going each year with the D. Fam.
Kelsey, JW in his turkey tie, Jessi, James
We then got ready and made our way to the Montage at Deer Valley to spend Thanksgiving dinner with John’s family.  Since Tanner’s homecoming celebration was this past Sunday, Erin decided we should all go out to eat for Thanksgiving instead of her having to slave over another huge meal again.  And let me tell you, this may have been the greatest Thanksgiving feast I have ever had!  And it was BUFFET STYLE!!  They had the best sweet potatoes I’ve ever had, the best duck I’ve ever had, the best shrimp I’ve ever had, the best cheeses I’ve ever had, the best Diet Coke I’ve ever had, over 22 desserts—it was all mind-blowing {tradition in the making??}.  And it was absolutely beautiful.  The mountains were white and the sun was shining.  It could not have been better weather.  
After dinner we headed to the hotel game room and played around for a couple hours.  There was pool, arcade games, darts, bowling, Wii–it really was just incredible. And sweet Baby James was an angel all day, it absolutely melted my heart.  He never fussed, just cooed and gabbed and sang us songs as we drove to Park City and as we loved on him all day.  Our lil’ guy is getting bigger!
this one makes me chuckle
Then afterwards we went to a movie, Arthur Christmas in 3D.  It was just one fun thing after another!  Baby James slept the whole movie, it was heaven.
in our 3D glasses
Today was one of those days {I’ve had many before} when I have literally been overcome with gratitude for my in-laws.  I would not change a single thing about them.  And, yes, I realize how blessed I am to be able to say that.  And even now, after two years of marriage, they still treat me like a rock star.  I feel so special and beautiful when I’m with them.  They truly bring out my best self.   
JW finished off the night with  a little Black Friday shopping while I was asleep at home in my cozy, warm bed, cuddling with my man child:
This is literally about 1/6 of the actual line outside Best Buy before they opened at midnight.   
Hooray for Thanksgiving!