Giving Thanks, part 22: Work

Today I am grateful that I have such a great job with such fun gals.  I learn so much from them and it is truly a joy to work with them.  And I am extremely grateful my work has been so flexible with me.  They have asked me to work a few more hours each week and I’m nervous about leaving James for that long, but I really want to because they have been so good to me and I want to be good to them.  I’m still trying to work some odds and ends out to make sure it’s realistic, but I think I will end up working a few more hours, at least for a while to test it out.  Worse case scenario: I keep the same hours but just move to a different branch in Draper so they can hire someone more full-time at our busy Murray branch.  Might as well test drive it, eh?  I’m just so grateful for such a great work situation.  I feel very blessed.

oh, and i cut bangs.