Giving Thanks, part 21: Family Home Evening

Today I am grateful for Family Home Evening.  John and I have been pretty good at having it weekly since we got married because there really is a huge difference in our marriage and family when we prioritize it.  Tonight we read in Alma 50, where Moroni is fortifying the city against the Lamanites, who want to take them to war.  I had made a visual aid lesson on my mission that paralleled this scripture story to our own lives, with our family being what needs to be fortified against the world.  Instead of mounds of dirt, wood and picket fences, and towers to keep the arrows of the Lamanites out, we have the Gospel, the commandments, the scriptures, and modern day Prophets to help keep the arrows of the world {bad media, contention, laziness, entitlement, temptation, etc.} out of our families and testimonies.  We really have been given so many tools to be strong in the face of opposition.  Family Home Evening being one of those tools.  I am so grateful for it and hope John and I prioritize it with our family forever.