Giving Thanks, part 20: Family

Today I am grateful for my wonderful family. It was Tanner’s homecoming today and I got to be around the greatest people I have ever known, all day long.  And you can only imagine how great they made me feel!  There is nothing quite like family to bring out your best self.  So glad Uncle Tom, Liz and her kids, Lexi, and Grandma and Grandpa H. were able to come into town to be with the rest of us.  We miss them when they are not near and rejoice when they are.

And Tanner’s address was so uplifting.  He helped me remember that we should do all we can to be at Peace with God.  This means that we are confident about where we stand with God and we have no secrets from Him, or nothing we are ashamed of.

Everything is better now that Tanner is home.

Tanner, JW, Marshall

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  1. CKE says:

    Oh that is so cute! Everything is always so much better when even one more member of the family is there. I love the pic of John and his brothers, very sweet.

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