Giving Thanks, part 10: Health

Today I am grateful for my health.  I have been reminded to be grateful for this recently, as my boys are both super sick and there isn’t a ton of health floating around our house.  Poor Jameser is so stuffed up, but he’s too little to realize he can just open up and breath through his mouth.  So every once in a while when he’s sleeping he’ll just start flailing and panicking because he can’t breath.  It is heart breaking.  He also vomits a lot because he has so much drainage going into his tummy.  He’s probably the happiest little sick kiddo ever there was, though.  He’s trying so hard to have a good attitude about it.  He teaches me so much.

And John has had a super stressful week but has been the sickest I’ve seen him in a long time.  But he just keeps on truckin.  He sacrifices so much for our family.

But I feel great!  I am getting a little overwhelmed having to tend to two sickos, though.  And on close to no sleep, to boot.  Ah, the life of a mommy.  And yet, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. . . because my boys are my world.  

photo-22photo-12 photo-23 photo-31 photo-41 photo-5 photo-32 photo-42
so glad my dad caught this shot….
This is the first picture where I’ve been like,
“Holy cow, he looks like John so much!”
Even with the up-chuckage.

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