Giving Thanks, part 1: Husband

Last year I decided to dedicate the month of November to giving thanks.  I recorded something each day that I was grateful for, and it really helped me seek out my blessings and focus on positive things.  I’ve decided that I’ll do it again this year.  .   .  here goes!

Today I am grateful for a {super hot} husband who expresses love often and freely.

yes, John is in my phone as “Handsome Boy”

John is so compassionate and is incredible at investing in our marriage and keeping it fresh.  He is so conscientious of me and what is important to me and just melts my heart when he lets me know he’s thinking of me, like by sending me texts like the one above.  And I’ll often find little love notes hidden in random places for me to “happen upon” on any given day, just because.  It’s so humbling to realize how blessed I am to be on a team with JW, and how that enhances every other part of my world.  Because he is my world.  And it’s a wonderful world.