Flashback Friday: Birthday Edition 2006

Flashback Fridais a weekly series on “Hopes and Dreams.”  
Each Friday a different memory from Jessi’s or John’s past is posted.  You are invited to join the fun and record a memory of your own, too, whether it be on your blog, in your journal, in an audio file, etc.  The objective is to foster an appreciation and desire for personal record keeping as we are forming our personal histories.  Also, if you chose to blog your memory, you are invited to link up to our memory (but only if you wanna).   
Since my lil’ birthday is coming up I thought I’d share a fun birthday memory I have that took place on my mission.  Here is the excerpt from my journal on November 27, 2006:

“On Saturday, Sister E. explained that Elder and Sister H. wanted to get together as a district on Monday and all go to a museum to introduce the new Elder to the District.  As soon as she said that I just KNEW it was really going to be a surprise party for me.  But I didn’t want to be a pooper for my own party so I just played along.  All weekend long I talked about going to the museum, and completely convinced the district that I had no idea about this surprise party they were going to throw me.  It was so funny  They thought they were tricking me but in reality I was tricking them:)  Do not underestimate my sneakiness . . . So we got to Elder and Sister H.’s on Monday and–BAM–it was a surprise birthday party for me!  I got to use my acting skills and completely play up my “surprise” emotion.  But they put soooo much work into this cute wee party, so I just could never tell them that I knew about it all along.  And it was far beyond my hopes, this party.  I wanted to CRY.  After they all yelled “SURPRISE!” they sang “Happy Birthday” to me but gave it a little twist:  They had been practicing all this harmony and fancy stuff and sang a beautiful rendition of the very familiar song. THEY SANG HARMONY FOR ME!! BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE SINGING! And the whole district was there.  We are all just so incredibly close.  I love this district so much.  They are all my brothers.”

That meant so much to me, I’ll never forget it.  Sister E. went to so much effort to make my day special for me.  Oh, how I love my beautiful daughter!
yes I went through a mid-mission crisis and died my hair black….
The District