Baby James: Three Months Old

15 pounds {75%}
24 inches {50%–he’s getting a lil’ longer!}
Boxy Boy, Bubbers, Little Dude, Sweetie, Jimmer {still, by Grampa D. only, mind you, solely for his own entertainment.  You are a Ute, and don’t forget that.}
your hands!! being held, your mobile in your crib {which makes mommy’s heart sing, since she spent hours making it for you}, cuddling, your car seat {believe it or not!!}
sleeping in your crib, tummy time, not being held 
what mama loves most about you right now:
You are laughing now! You are her little sidekick and she gets to take you everywhere, singing to you and you getting that huge grin on your face, how ravenously you suck on your hands–you can almost get the whole fist in your mouth!
what daddy loves most about you right now:
when you laugh, when he comes home and you recognize him and smile at him and get excited when he picks you up, watching Mythbusters and Man vs. Wild together at 4:00 in the morning
other James-isms of the third month:
You rolled over for the first time October 14! And you haven’t done it again since.
You are TOTALLY going bald.  
I know we write this every month, 
but you hardly have any hair left to lose now.  
Except a nice skullet in the back.  
You don’t seem to be losing any hair back there.  
We are seriously contemplating shaving your head!
You are fitting in to 6 month clothes horizontally, but not quite vertically.
Hourglass, by Mindy Gledhill, is yours and your mama’s song.  And the guitarist in the music video was your daddy’s and mommy’s first home teacher.  Cool beans, eh?  Love you, Boo.


  1. Gentry + Vanesa says:

    Your son is ADORABLE! I cannot believe how big he is since we saw him last month! Gent and I are getting super excited for our little Hanna to come into our lives! 🙂 I love reading these posts…it’s gets me more and more excited! 🙂
    P.S. I love your blog!

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