Baby James: Four Months Old



16 lbs. even {71%}
23.5 inches long {13%}
16.5 inches {36%}

Chubbers, Bubbers, Chubby Bubbers, Broski, Dude, Bud, Budders, Little Guy
grabbing your toes when you’re lying down, sucking on your hands, Mama singing to you, reading your books with Mama and Daddy, being tickled on your collar bone and thighs, your crib, your car seat, going on drives, conducting music with Mama
sleeping through the night, not being held, tummy time
what Mama loves most about you right now:
You are so happy!  You laugh and smile all the time! She likes to startle you by playing peek-a-boo, your Popeye arms with no wrists, when you reach for her hand while you nurse and interlock your fingers with hers, your full head of blonde hair, hanging out with you all day and showing you off to everyone, singing together
what Daddy loves most about you right now:
you are talking up a storm, when you sing with Mommy, when you grab your toes while you’re lying down and how that often makes you toot, you’re starting to get ticklish, reading together {pretty soon we’re thinking we’ll move from Green Eggs and Ham to Les Miserable}
Other James-isms of the fourth month:
-your first Halloween!  You went as a whoopee cushion and a money bag
-you drool so much
-you were Blessed on November 6, 2011
-your Uncle Tanner came home from his mission and you are best buds now
-you got your first haircut
-you’re starting to reach for things and put them in your mouth
-you have rolled over a hand full of times now
-your sleep schedule is still killing Mama {waking up five times a night sometimes}
-you were sick for a few weeks but still very happy
-your first Thanksgiving!
-you have a new cry that sounds like a screeching pterodactyl
{who new that’s how you spell that?!?}


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