Tender Thoughts of Marilyn:


Dear Mother Marilyn,

When this world lost you, it didn’t seem right for it to just go on turning like nothing had happened.  It should have stopped, like our world did.

I will never forget singing to you in your hospital room the night before you passed.  You used some of your very last breaths to try to sing along to “How Great Thou Art.”  That room was a temple that night.

Your funeral was so very special.  The multitudes came!  You have touched and changed so many lives, Grandma.  Your family loves you with a perfect love.  Your George adores you.  He misses you so.  It is sad to see what your absence does to him. But he feels you near.  We all do.  And for now, your nearness is enough.

Our hearts are broken.  But our faith is strong.  We miss you and we will do all in our power to be worthy to go where you are.

The ears of my children will be filled with stories of their Grandma Great, Marilyn.  Thank you for the legacy of love you have left us.

Until many tomorrows, and with all my heart,


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  1. Ranae says:

    I only found out today of Sister Durrant’s passing. I’ve known her my whole life. We spent many summers visiting my father’s mission companions in Utah. She was always a very kind and lovely lady. My husband had the honor of being one of those missionaries that attended the MTC while Elder and Sister Durrant were there. We received a lovely letter from your grandparents at the passing of my father last summer. In return I send my deepest sympathies at her passing. Knowing the exemplary woman she was, I have no doubt she is now at peace with our Saviour. May the Lord bless your family.

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