Today was John’s and my two-year anniversary of when John proposed. Yes, that means Tanner comes home in less than three weeks!!! I can’t believe how the time has flown. But it simultaneously seems like forever. Tanner has never even seen us married and now we have a baby! Oh my goodness, I can’t WAIT to introduce James to Tanner. It is just amazing at what a gift James has turned in to for so many. Especially me. Oh how I am obsessed with my baby!
I made a nice little dinner to celebrate our “anniversary” tonight. I’m so grateful John loves chicken. My dad hates chicken and I feel so bad for my mom for having to try to think of things to make him. My dad is one picky eater. John definitely appreciates gourmet food, but he’s also content with mac ‘n cheese and hot dogs every now and then. Makes my life pretty slick.  But I made him this tonight–a little fancier than mac ‘n cheese. 
John and I also took the Five Love Languages Quiz over dinner. Here are the results:
1-physical affection
2-acts of service
3-gift receiving
4-quality time
5-words of affirmation
1-words of affirmation
2-acts of service
3-gift receiving
4-quality time
5-physical affection
So what did we learn? JOHN AND I HAVE COMPLETELY OPPOSITE LOVE LANGUAGES.  I mean, I knew physical affection was his top language, and he knew words of affirmation was my top language, but we didn’t realize that the other’s top language was the other’s bottom language.  I really liked taking this quiz, though, because it helped me see how I can best love John the way he needs to be loved.  Seeing it on paper helps me know exactly what to work on, and the same for him.  It’s hard to imagine our marriage could get much better {we’re besties}, but we’re excited to work on loving each other for each other.  
So glad I said yes two years ago.


  1. Gentry + Vanesa says:

    Those pictures basically gave me a visual of your explanation on the date interview! So cute! 🙂 You and John are perfect for each other!
    I am glad I got to meet you a couple weeks ago!
    P.S. I love your blog! 🙂

  2. Tricia Jeanne says:

    I love the Love Languages book, Jon is so good at speaking my language! Didn’t we give you that book for a wedding present?? (I’m just going to take credit in my mind anyways…) 🙂

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