Life Update:

Life has been good to our lil’ family lately.  Here is a wee update:
Jessi got a new calling.  Wahoo for Primary chorister!!  She is soooo excited to be in primary and is convinced that this might just be the greatest calling in The Church.  JW is the 11-year-old scout leader and is convinced that that might just be the greatest calling in The Church.  
JW is back from fall break to finish up the second half of his semester.  At the end of this year he’ll only have two years left of undergrad!  We still haven’t decided whether we’ll stay at the U of U for his Master’s degree {meaning he’ll only have a one-year program post-grad} or look in to other schools, possibly out of state.  Hello Cali!?
As mentioned above, JW had fall break recently.  It consisted of a death, a viewing, a funeral, a wedding, and some funnish fall-break-y stuff in between.  In spite of a lot of unexpected obligations with the afore mentioned, he felt great about everything he got to do on his break and was rejuvenated for the last part of the semester.  Hooray for breaks with no surgeries!!
James is our pride and joy.  He is practically bald now, with the remaining patches of hair contributing to his resembling more of a wire-haired terrier than a baby in certain lighting.  He is exTREMEly social and will smile a huge hammy grin at you no matter who you are.  
Staying with the animal-resemblance theme, we were watching “Joseph King of Dreams” the other day and noticed that James looks like the little lamb in the first dream:
Can you see it?  I think it’s the eyes and the smile.  Or maybe the ears and the wool?  At any rate, he is so flipping cute. Baby James, that is.
Jessi is enjoying work.  She has two, three-hour shifts each week and covers here and there on top of that.  It has turned out to be the perfect amount of social escape and she feels so blessed that her work has been so willing to cooperate with her new availability.  She just loves it at Hand and Ortho, and loves the gals she works with.  Jameser goes to Grammy Erin’s when Jessi is working, and he just LOVES the time he gets to spend with her.  
Speaking of Jessi, she has officially lost 52 pounds since having James, and 14 since starting Weight Watchers on September 1.  She has earned her ten pound sticker AND her 5% sticker!  She still wants to lose 23 more pounds to get to her wedding weight, but she is feeling good.
JW is more handsome than ever.  His pregnancy-sympathy weight suits him VERY well.  He has gotten a lot of comments lately in the vicinity of “You look so manly these days!”  And you best believe that Jessi appreciates weighing less than him again.  She loves her manly man.
James is getting back to a semi-good sleep schedule again, after his two-month shots.  He was thrown off there for about a month, but he only woke up once last night!  His sleep schedge consists of cat naps in the morning, a big nap at 1300 hours sharp until about 1530 or 1600 hours, cat naps in the early evening, bedtime routine starting at 2000 hours sharp {bath, lotion/massage, jammies, tummy time, nursing}, then down for the night no later than 2100 hours sharp.  Then, on a good night, he won’t wake up until 3:30.  But a lot of the time he wakes up at 1:30, then 3:30.  But it’s working for us.  
Jessi has been crafting up a storm lately.  Jewelry holders, sunglasses cases, wreaths up the wazzoo, refashioning thrifted clothes, fabric flowers, painting frames…..It goes on and on.  Next on the list? A headboard made from a door!  She just needs to sand it down, repaint it, then distress it.  And add some crown molding to it.  This will be very fun for her to do. 
Our incredible landlords lowered our rent for no reason at all. 
Tanner comes home in 10 days!!  We are fa-REAK-ing out here. 
I think that’s all I got for now.
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  1. CKE says:

    This was such a cute post! I’m glad things are going so well and I’m LOVING the pics in costumes. haha! And guess what else? I just got called the be the primary chorister this weekend!!! I’ll be hitting you up for some tips for sure bc I know you will be ROCKIN’ it over there!! 🙂

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