Happy Birthday JW!

To my darling on your twenty-fifth birthday, 25 of the many things I love about you:

 Your devotion to God, me, and James. 1.
Your boyish innocence and gentleness and humor. 2.
Your perfect lips. 3.
Your devotion to school and to providing for your family. 4.
Your patience and compassion and empathy. 5.
Your level-headed practicality. 6.
Your talent for writing and expressing yourself. 7.
Your strength through losing a brother. 8.
Your example of honoring women. 9.
Your determination to keep Satan out of your life. 10.
Your love of children. 11.
Your creative and inventive mind and heart. 12.
Your devotion to holding your breath every time you pass a cemetery. 13.
Your flair for dancing in the kitchen, and for inviting me to join you. 14.
Your seemingly flawless kindness and devotion to looking for the good in everyone. 15.
Your listening ear and heart. 16.
Your mature work ethic and sense of duty. 17.
Your taste in music. 18. 
Your unapologetic stares at me–they help me know you think I’m beautiful.19.
Your excitement about James. 20.
Your loyalty. 21.
Your love and knowledge of the Scriptures. 22. 
Your love for your mission and the people you met there. 23.
Your beautiful French language skills. 24.
Your tush. 25.  

Happy birthday to the love of my life.  Thank you for choosing to be mine.

Your Jess

December 2009