Pulled Pork on the Professor

The other day JW came home from school and said he had some exciting news for us that he would disclose at dinner.  But first, some background info:

John has an adjunct professor who is known for getting his students involved in unique ways.  He calls up volunteers before he really describes what they are getting in to and it always proves to be entertaining.  One time he asked for someone who had just purchased a brand new iPhone to volunteer for a lesson.  This one student took the bate and brought himself and his shiny new iPhone up to the front of the class, not knowing what this professor had in store.  The professor then proceeded to try to scratch the screen with his keys and intentionally dropped the phone from about ten feet high, all to prove that Apple had upped the engineering of the phone to make it virtually scratch and crack proof.  John explained that the student still about p**ped his pants, understandably so . . . The phone was fine, luckily.

So back to the exciting dinner news.  John proceeded to describe the following event:

John was sitting in class the other day when this professor asked for someone who was really poor to volunteer for a lesson.  He was looking for someone who was married with kids, struggling to make rent,  working hard to pay for school, etc.  After a few moments of awkward silence {surely from students silently debating on whether or not to volunteer for fear of what could ensue} a lowly hand was raised.  The professor called up this young fellow and began to interview him to make sure he was poor enough for this lesson he was going to share.

“Are you married?”
“Do you work?”
“Yes, at L3 Communication.”
“How much do make an hour?”
“Sit down, you’re not poor.”

Another hand was raised, but was quickly put down when the person sitting next to the gal who had raised her hand ousted her by blabbing to the class that she lives with her parents and was therefor not poor enough.

A few more candidates, but no one was qualified enough.

Enter John William.  He thought to himself, “Heck, I’m poor.”  So he raised his hand and was called to the front of the class.

“Are you married?”
“Yes, a brand new baby boy.”
“Do you work?”
“Yes, at the Marriott Library on campus.”
“OOOOOOOO, we might have a winner!  How much do you make an hour?”
“How many hours a week do you work?”
“Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner!”

John still didn’t know what was going to be expected of him at this point, but he was flattered to know that he was the poorest person in the class{?}.  As his mind raced with ideas of what this guy was going to ask of him for this “lesson,” the professor pulled out a $20 bill.  And handed it to John.

“Take your wife on a date this weekend and come back and tell us about it next week.”


We went to Sugarhouse BBQ.  I got the pulled pork and John got ribs and chicken.  It was quite the little lesson.



  1. Lynsey says:

    I LOVE that. I hope that someday…when we aren’t the poorest people in our classes…we will do the same thing. I am so grateful for people who think about others and what they can do to help 🙂 I’m sure you two will be that couple that is always trying to help!

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