Pretty in Pink

My son is 100% boy. He looks like a boy, he sounds like a boy, there is no mistaking his boyhood. Others have told me this, so I know others know that no matter what, he is a boy.

Yesterday I went to dress my Man Child. I decided I’d be a little adventurous and dress him in a pink polo onesie {I can see now that I should have known better…you can probably tell where this is going…}. I hesitated for just a moment and asked my very attractive and stylish husband if it was sissy to put James in this pink polo. He immediately replied, “No he looks like a total stud!” I agreed, and thought to myself, “Yeah, real men wear pink. Right?” We put him in blue shoes just to be safe.

Two different strangers asked me yesterday how old my daughter was. To which I replied, “…..Eight weeks…” I felt like a loser-mom.

I told my sister Ellie of my experience, to which she replied, “Gary {her very attractive and stylish husband} got mistaken for a girl all the time, but that was because his mom dressed him in his older sister’s hand-me-downs.” Oh, how I chuckled!

At least I dress my boy in boy clothes, even if they are sissy boy clothes. Needless to say, I don’t think he’ll be sportin pink again any time soon…

{This is not the pink onesie, as you can see.  I do nat have any documentation of the pink onesie.  That was intentional.  This is a Saturday outing at Veteran’s Memorial Park.}