Be A Part of History

Yo, readers!  Better get comfy, cause it’s time for another…

It’s been awhile, but I am back, baby!  So, with all of my spare time that I’ve had since I haven’t been blogging I’ve been working on something that is so awesome, so out-of-control spectacular that it just couldn’t wait anymore.

All y’all are going to be involved in the contest of the century: The Search for the Most Awesome Scream Ever

Pretty soon you are going to be sifting through the top contenders for Most Awesome Scream Ever.  Be prepared:  they are EXTREMELY awesome!  Consider me liability-free if you can’t handle it, because that was your fair warning.  For those of you with the backbone to continue, read on, eh?

Alright, since you made it this far, I will fill you in on how this all goes down:

1. Look through the videos below.  You can view the embedded clip or click on the link (some of which will take you to just a little bit before the time of scream.  Be careful, you may only have a few seconds to prepare yourself.)

2. Weigh the contenders carefully, the fate of the world could rest on your vote!

3. Go down to the bottom (or just to make things easy on you, you can click right here) and fill out the form to cast your vote.  The results will be announced once we reach our limit of 10 bajillion votes.  Or in the next little while.  Perhaps after finals.  Whichever I feel like.

2 min 23 sec
Barry White

2 min 50 sec
A Goofy Movie – Eye to Eye

1 min 20 sec
Journey – Lights

40 sec
Boston – More Than a Feeling

3 min 40 sec
Dio – Rainbow in the Dark
***Please note: We are in no way affiliated with the funky image for this song. Close your eyes and pretend there are pictures of kittens and puppies if necessary.***

That’s all for now, folks.  Thanks for reading.  Vote below…if you dare!

The Husband