Baby James: Two Months Old

12 pounds 11 ounces {70th percentile}
21.5 inches {4th percentile…our child is a box.}
Jameser, Man Child, Little Buddy, Boo, Jimmer, Stud, Kiddo, Lover Boy
bath time, your nap nanny, walks at the park with mama and grandma Jackie, getting bounced by Daddy, Justin Timberlake, lying on the ground, spending time with Grammy Erin and Aunt Libby
your car seat, formula, your crib
what mama loves most about you right now:
You’re getting so smiley–especially towards her, bath time, cuddle time in the morning as you’re waking up, nursing time and the little squeaks you make as you eat, when you hug her neck as she holds you, your massively huge eyes, when you coo to try to talk to her, seeing how happy you make your daddy, your preciously chubby hands, your bed head in the morning
what daddy loves most about you right now:
When you calm down in the car to Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around Comes Around,” daddy-son walks, when you smile at him, all the funny sounds you make in the morning when you are trying to wake up

other James-isms from the second month:
hair thinning big time–breaks Mama’s heart
sleeping better–Mama doesn’t dread the nights anymore
spitting up a ton
smiling more
holding my finger while you nurse
lying on the ground
staring up at the lights
people say you look like Puss in Boots when he has the big eyes
bad rash on face, then cleared up
tooting in sacrament–so loudly
driving with window down and the sun on your face
huge eyelashes
raptor chirping every morning as you stretch
tracking already
weight baring already
animated facial expressions
blonde hair sprouting through
talented {and very dramatic) cryer

Oh, Jameser, we just adore you.  You are our happy little guy, which is so relieving—you had us worried about colic that first month.  But you smile so much!  The doctor was shocked at how social you are.  She also said you are exceptionally strong–as strong as a four month old already!  You’ll be our little wrestler, since you are so strong and short:).  You are our world, buddy.

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