Thoughts On Motherhood: Katie R.

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My brother, my friend written August 31, 2009

The boys are very aware of one another now which is wonderful even when it is also a little annoying. Lately, they have taken to visiting with each other during afternoon nap time. Their cribs are in a sort of L shape in their bedroom, so Owen will crawl over to the end of his bed and pull himself up to look at Eli, and Eli will roll over to the side of his bed and (because he can’t stand up yet) will push his bumper pad down until he can see Owen. I’ll let them do this for 10 or 15 minutes and then Owen will start shouting because he thinks he is stuck, so I’ll go in and they’ll both look over and beam at me and they’ll keep beaming at me as I’m wrapping them back up in their blankets and giving them their pacifiers and laying (lying?I never know) them back down–knowing full well that I am in deep trouble when they outgrow the cribs and it is time for toddler beds.

They’ve also begun holding hands in their high chairs. The chairs sit right next to each other, and while they are being fed, they’ll reach out and grasp at the other’s fingers. I cannot get over how precious this is. Perhaps even more precious is when they ride in the jogging stroller together and one will rest his hand on his brother’s leg.

They have trouble sharing. Is this really a surprise? Oh, it is so funny to watch Eli grab a toy from Owen and vice versa. The toy will go back and forth between them in a little 9-month-old tug-of-war until one eventually: 1. gives up 2. gets distracted or 3. cries.

The very best though is when they take a bath together. There is nothing cuter than two little naked bums in a bathtub. Nothing. It is during bath time that I think I am most in awe of them and what they are: two individuals who have come to this earth together. I look at their little bodies and I am amazed at what my body created, I am amazed at the tiny fingers with the tiny fingernails, amazed at the soft skin and the fuzzy hair.

They are so comfortable with one another, kicking and grabbing each other. Eli will often head butt Owen in this gentle way–gently rocking into him and sometimes he’ll nibble on Owen’s shoulder. They’re like little puppies rough housing with each other. Crazy, but that is a good way to describe it. Last night I was snuggling Owen before bed and I said to Tim, “Sometimes, I just love them so much that it hurts.”

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Katie is the mother of three {two of those being twins!} with another on the way.  Check out her blog, she is a fabulous writer.  Thank you so much, Katie, for sharing some of your thoughts on motherhood with me!  Love you!