Baby James: One Month Old

10 pounds 3 ounces
{from 30th percentile to 55th percentile in one month}
Jameser, Jamesie, Little Buddy, Pal, Man Child, Boo, Shorty, Jimmer {but only from Grandpa D}
eating, sleeping in the day, your grandmas, the boppy, taking a bath, going on walks with Dad outside, being rocked in your rocking chair, cuddling with Mama, your wubanub {binky}
sleeping at night, the dark, swaddle-me’s, your crib, getting your shirts pulled over your head, not being held,  not being the center of attention {which isn’t often, but you don’t like it}, your saline drops, tummy time
what Mama loves most about you right now:
cuddle and nursing time, the way you stare at her, the faces she sees you make in her rearview mirror while we are driving, the fact that a tiny noise can wake you up but that she can sing at the top of her lungs and you don’t flinch, your pathetically sad crying face {it’s adorable, though heartbreaking}, your huge eyes, your perfect little profile with your juicy lips and button nose
what Daddy loves most about your right now:
your sneezes, your yawns, the way you curl up your legs and stick out your bum while you sleep or when he picks you up, your beautiful hairline, holding you, going on walks outside together, reading to you, envisioning what you’ll be like as you grow, the way you always look concerned or surprised
other James-isms from the first month:
when you stretch you arch your back and it’s adorable
you smile as you sleep–I think you’re dreaming about playing with Heavenly Father or Uncle James
you have your dad’s exact hairline {well, exact everything, even down to the hairline}
you are a hairy child–it’s not just peach fuzz {enter nickname “Man Child”}
sometimes you laugh when you are nursing–it melts my heart
some baby acne
underdeveloped tear duct
you snore like a walrus {enter nickname “Man Child” and saline drops}
sometimes the only thing that can console you is being held by Mama
Words cannot describe the joy you have brought into our home and our hearts, James.  We love and adore you and are so honored to be your parents.