Thoughts on Motherhood Series: Ellie B.

“Thoughts On Motherhood” is a series on Hopes and Dreams devoted to celebrating the divine nature women have in honoring, supporting and becoming mothers.  If you would like to share some of your thoughts on motherhood please email Jessi.  All are invited to participate, not just mothers!  


Nothing is greater than the feeling of seeing your child for the first time in the hospital, holding him for the first time all swaddled up with his little beanie, watching him peak his eyes open, seeing daddy kiss him for the first time, taking him home from the hospital and putting him in his crib, hearing his cry for the first time, having his eyes meet yours, seeing him experiment different facial expressions, holding your pinky for the first time.  .   .

The little details are proof that miracles truly happen every day.  There is no way to describe the feelings you are about to experience, Jess.   I still have a lot to experience with motherhood, but I know that these last four months have made me happier then I have ever been.  Its a new found level of joy and love.  Of course its not easy but, probably similar to a mission, it being hard makes it that much more wonderful and meaningful.  Working hard towards such an incredible cause such as motherhood brings so much reward and perspective. James will teach you so much and will help you find a strength you didn’t know you had.  I am so excited for you sister!  I love you!
Baby James – Welcome to your new world!  You are being born in to so much love.  I am so excited to meet you and to see you grow and develop through out your life.  Your parents are such good people that love you more than words can describe.  They know whats best for you and how you can be truly happy in this life.  Listen to them, obey them, and love them.  They will never stop loving you.  You and Breezie will be such good friends, so close in age.  You will have each other to stay strong and to make the right choices.  Always remember that the Lord is with you and will never fail you.  Rely on him and always turn to him.  I love you baby James!
Aunt Ellie

Ellie is the beautiful aunt to Baby James, and the perfect mother to this ham:

The Breezeroni,  James’ cousin


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