The List to end all lists, until it changes:

With the impending delivery of our Biscuit Boy {and with the extra time on my hands to be left alone with my thoughts that has been unearthed from exceeding my due date and remaining expectant} my thoughts have turned to “life”—making it, nurturing it, cherishing it.  Living it, really.  Nothing too profound, but definitely intriguing to my little pregnant brain and heart.

It’s naive at this point to think that I can know or expect how much our lives will change once we have our son in our arms, to nurture and parent and teach.  But I have heard that once a dyad turns into a triad, things are forever different.  Which excites me and terrifies me at the same time.  But I’m already committed, so no use letting the fear cripple me and stir up imaginary regrets.
I really am satisfied—so much more than I can express—with how my life has evolved and turned out up to this point.  Things haven’t always gone exactly how I thought they would, and thank Goodness for that.  There are only a few things I regret, all of which have to do with the way I have treated others in times of blinded anger or frustration or ignorance.  But I can confidently say that I have done everything I ever could have wanted to do before I give my life to a child.  I’ve traveled the world, I’ve served God’s children, I’ve gotten the most out of my educational opportunities, I’ve had sacred time with the love of my life, I’ve proven to myself that I can do hard things with conviction and grace…
So, yes, I have been thinking about my life lately.  And this experience has lead me to want to make my bucket list, of all things—just for fun—and because I’ve heard you learn a lot about yourself and your life in the process.  So I think it’s pretty timely.  And I have nothing else to do right now, as I am too big to comfortably do anything around my house and have no gas money to go anywhere worth while {see a previous post}.
So all you tons of readers out there {cough}. . . I give you my list of 100 things—in no particular order—I hope to do before I die {some of the things I’ve already done, and some are pretty lame or materialistic while some are more meaningful, and some completely contradict each other… but the heart wants what the heart wants}:
1.     Get married in the Temple   
2.     Serve a mission for the LDS Church
3.     Start an Etsy Shop
4.     Go to Montreal with John William
5.     Adopt a baby boy
6.     Teach Institute for at least one semester
7.     Write a book
8.     Run a marathon
9.     Compete in a triathlon
10.Learn to paint from Grandpa George
11.Get a master’s degree in interpersonal communication
12.Teach family and relational communication at the college level
13.Get lipo suction
14.Get veneers on my bottom teeth, and the ones on my top teeth redone
15.Learn to play all the hymns in the hymnal on the piano
16.Play Elphaba in a production of Wicked
17.Play the Narrator {again} in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat
18.Cook with Rachel Ray
19.Learn Excel
20.Learn how to use a fancy camera and Photoshop
21.Learn how to play the guitar
22.Sing the National Anthem at a big sporting event
23.Learn how to sew
24.Cook for the Prophet
25.Record a CD of me singing songs I have written
26.Serve a mission for the LDS Church with John
27.Write an article featured in the Ensign
28.Reunite with Joanne in person
29.Be involved in writing a home-schooling curriculum, maybe with the Church
30.Sing for the Prophet
31.Disconnect my self-esteem from my weight
32.Go to esthetics school
33.Clean my car, just once
34.Publish a poem
35.Go on a cruise with just my sisters and Mom
36.Swim with dolphins
37.Do my parents’ personal histories
38.Give birth naturally, just once
40.Give a musical fireside for my family and close friends
41.Re-memorize the D. Family Scripture List
43.Get into genealogy
44.Have someone throw me a huge surprise party where I am genuinely surprised
45.Have Family Home Evening every week
46.Go to Australia and swim in the great Barrier Reef
47.Play mixed doubles in at least one tennis tournament with John
48.Write a column in a newspaper
49.Fund a college scholarship for an underprivileged student
50.Take care of my parents when they are old
51.Learn French
52.Become a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member
53.Write a children’s book called There’s an Elephant in Eesky
54.Touch up on my ASL and become fluent
55.Plant, grow, and maintain my own vegetable garden
56.Take organic foods seriously and feed my family healthy foods
57.Take couples dance classes with John and have dancing be “our thing”
58.Have family dinner be a huge deal in our family
59.Own chickens
60.Write letters of complaint to companies and organizations that I don’t respect
61.Live in Canada for a season
62.Learn an effective way to chop an onion
63.Get my body fat percentage to 21%
64.Be a guest-poster on a big blog.
65.Be asked to speak at a large event
66.Teach an aerobics class
67.Graduate from college
68.Raise children in a Christ-centered home
69.Feed the missionaries regularly
70.Get into reading
71.Have a different set of godparents for each one of my children
72.Keep a personal record my whole life
73.Get some specific moles removed from my face
74.Cut my hair super short
75.Make traditions a huge deal in our family
76.Get into cycling with John
77.Write letters of apology to people who I’ve been disloyal to
78.Have every room in my house decorated
79.Name my daughter Georgia Faun
80.Learn about flowers and plants
81.Surprise our kids with a trip to Disneyland
82.Overcome my OCD and weird phobias about noses and kissing
83.Figure out how to relieve my restless legs syndrome
84.Go to the Temple Dedication in Ireland when it happens
85.Pay tithing every month, no matter what
86.Become closer to my brothers Matt and Jake
87.Learn to give my opinion and advice only when it’s asked for, and to always listen empathetically
88.Own a mini cooper convertable, cream or canary yellow with no race stripes
89.Live in an “active senior citizen” community when we’re older
90.Take up pottery
91.Travel to India, Africa, and the Orient
92.Always put my family and faith first
93.Read The Book of Mormon straight through in one year
94.Read all of John Gottman’s books
95.Learn to love animals and be able to own and care for a dog
96.Have an incredible emergency food storage
97.Be known for being kind and believing in others
98.Expand my vocabulary
99.Learn to feel good enough and to not second guess myself and my emotions
100. End this list, because it seriously took me like four hours….
Chances are I’ll most likely be adding to this list throughout my life.  Isn’t it exciting?


  1. John says:

    I love numbers 1, 4, 26, 47 (though how will we keep my ultra-competitiveness under control in our tennis match?), 75 (love our future traditions!), and 81 (Yay Disneyland!).

    You know I am all over #18 (and if you just ask Mr. Egbert, you will know that you are liable to get more excel than you could possibly want if you open that door!), and I am in very strong support of #82. 🙂

  2. says:

    Love it love it love it. Glad you learned something about yourself. I learned a ton about you too that I never would have guessed! I did this too a couple months back and it is one of my favorite things I’ve done for myself in my entire life.

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