“Nesting” makes it sound cute


So this past Tuesday John and I rushed to the hospital thinking my water had broken, only to be sent home about 4.5 hours later with a false alarm.  I was pretty convinced the whole time that it wasn’t anything, but John’s hopes were so high and I wanted to cry for him when they sent us home.  He wants a baby so badly!  Just a few more days, lover!  But it was a good test-run, if anything, and we feel more confident in navigating our way to the hospital and around labor and delivery, so it wasn’t a waste.

This experience made me realize how much I wanted my house deep cleaned before the baby comes because I was really sad that we had to go to the hospital before I got a chance to clean the way I had hoped {I’m a nerd}.  So you better believe I have been spending the past few days cleaning my heart out, knowing very well that the lil’ guy could come at any time.  He will NOT be coming home to anything less than an organized and spotless kitchen, bathroom, and storage room.  My baby deserves that {insert snotty hair-flip here}.

So here’s what I’ve been spit-shining {figuratively speaking, because that’s gross…}

-disinfected all surfaces in the kitchen, including all cupboard doors
-cleaned and polished stove
-cleaned and polished microwave
-organized spices
-organized baking goods
-organized tupperwear
-organized all pots and pans in new cupboards
-cleaned out utensil drawer
-organized all canned goods
-organized all chips and crackers in their new shelf
-cleaned out riffraff cupboards to make room for baby stuff
-swept and mopped
-vacuumed {thanks to the best visiting teacher ever, Melissa!}
-did some overall tidying and dusting
-did two loads of dishes
-did two loads of laundry

And on the to-do list still:

-deep clean my car {that I have literally NEVER cleaned in the four years I have had it…}
-clean and organize fridge
-a few more cupboards to go in the kitchen
-deep clean the bathroom {scrub down tub and tiles, floor, toilet, organize shelves}
-end-of-hall-storage organized and boxed up to take out to the garage
-organize the garage {not a priority}
-sweep the stairs
-wash our sheets and clean bedroom
-organize tool cupboard above washer and dryer
-sweep out laundry room

We’re getting there, and at least I have lots to do to kill time.  I mean, you’d think I’d be going crazy or something if I didn’t have all this cleaning to do {note the sarcasm–it’s clear from this post I have already gone crazy in spite of {{and attributed to all}} this cleaning to do}!


  1. Brynn and Jared says:

    This is what my mother-in-law swears will bring a baby faster than anything! Every time she was ready (and she did it 8 times, if she’s not a pro, who is?) she would put the mop away, get down on hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor. She swears by it! Well done 🙂 AND>>>having a to-do list kindof helps the anticipation huh? I noticed I was like, “ok i’m ready (RIGHT NOW) but not until i’m done with my list” 🙂

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