…into the hall of fame for longest pregnancy ever!  But it all ends tomorrow, folks.  We’re heading in late tonight to begin our induction so that Biscuit Boy will join us tomorrow on 7-27-11.  You can imagine how happy that birthday makes me!  It totally rhymes, and it’s John’s and my first kiss anniversary.  For cutes!

This past week, the week after our due date came and went, has been the calmest John and I have been about having a baby our whole pregnancy.  Our hearts have been nothing but tranquil, really.  {Up until last night when I started having a wee panic attack.  But that was fleeting and John helped calm my nerves.}  We’ve really been so chill lately!  The two weeks before the due date, however, were way worse than the week past it.  We had a few false alarms and lots of restless nights thinking, “It could happen at any moment!!” But once we passed the due date I knew it would be a week longer and that we’d have to be induced, so it was just a matter of enjoying the last week together–just the two of us.

And it has been so special for us.  John and I have had such a beautiful connection, even more than usual, this past week.  The tenderness and sweetness and romance has been unforgettable.  I’m so grateful it has all turned out this way, now that it’s finally here.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  It’s been tender mercy after tender mercy.

Ever since our doctor changed our due date from August 1 to July 20 I just knew I would be going over the due date.  I couldn’t figure out how my Iphone {still not using it as a phone} pregnancy app could have possibly calculated the due date wrong.  I mean, I have been pretty vigilant when it comes to tracking my cycles, and August 1 was really the only date it could have been.  But Biscuit was measuring 10 days bigger, so our wonderful doctor placed this little idea in my head {and the heads of every one of my family members} that I might get a baby up to three weeks before I initially thought. However, all along I’ve thought it would be closer to the original date.  My family, though, has been holding their breath for a long time now, expecting him to have come weeks ago.  So that’s been an interesting dynamic.

But now it’s really here!  I’ve got a few things I’m a little nervy about when it comes to the delivery and recovery, but all in all I’m feeling so blessed and peaceful.  Maybe because I really have no idea what to expect?  To be honest, I think it hasn’t really sunk in yet, and I’ve heard it won’t until the baby is a few weeks old.  We are just so excited to meet him.  Oh, nelly!

Final month of pregnancy sum up:
-not sleeping too great, having to go to the bathroom
about five times each night
Fiona fingers, with terrible carpal tunnel
-foot rubs are still a ritual
-day time television. . . I know way too much about
“All My Children” right now…
-deep cleaning and organizing frenzies
-I HATE restrictive clothing–I’ve completely abandoned bras
-got the cutest stroller ever!!
-elephant feet and ankles
-tons of water retention in general–our ultrasound tech said I have easily
10 lbs. of amniotic fluid in my uterus.
-rocking the muumuu daily
-consti has turned to diarrh…
-gained a good 60 lbs. total {in the whole pregnancy,
not in the final month}
-Biscuit totally has JW’s profile and has some megga-huge lips
-english muffins with strawberry jam and a glass of milk
-my nephews are OBSESSED with my belly and always talk to
Baby James through my belly button
-snoring like a walrus
-a few blood pressure scares that turned out to be nothing
-got my first stretch marks on my belly only two weeks ago…hmmph
-all of Biscuit’s bottles and clothes are washed and ready to roll
-rocking chair added to our nursery corner, mobile is done and hung,
all we need is a baby
-overall I’ve been way more chipper and in better spirits than months previously
Words cannot express how we feel right now.  The past nine months have been hard, but I don’t really remember all the hard parts right now.  John does, hahaha, but as far as I’m concerned, I could totally do this again.  For now, we just need to get through today and tomorrow and figure out how the heck to raise this baby.

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  1. [D & A Hale] says:

    You are so beautiful! I’m so happy for you! Cant wait to see your cute little baby boy. Good luck with everything, you will do great! By the way, I love reading your blog. Your so honest and I just love it! Good luck you two (or 3 I should say :))!

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