First Date Reenactment:


Two years ago today I went on my first date with, literally, the sweetest man in the world–John William H.  Little did I know then that he’d be fathering my child in two year’s time.  It really was the best first date ever.  Here is John’s account {from this post}:

Well, I had finally found my chance to ask Jessi out after having admired her with interest for quite some time. I wanted to plan out something that would be fun and be a little unique and would give us a lot of time to get to know each other. Also, I am big into food, so I made sure to include a decent amount of eating. You know, it’s nice to highlight some of your talents so that your date gets to see your good side, eh? 🙂 I went to pick her up at 8 o’clock, and was immediately impressed by how exceptionally pretty she was. I had already found church Jessi to be very attractive, and first-date Jessi was extra hot!

Right off the bat Jessi broke one of the major dating-game rules and introduced me to her whole family, which I loved! I thought her family was kind and charming, and loved that she didn’t care about following standard dating procedure, she just showed me who she really was from the very beginning.

After meeting the fam, Jess and I got in the car, and as soon as we were both in the car, we were in a full-on conversation. It was so easy to talk to each other, it felt like she was an old friend that I hadn’t seen for a long time and we wanted to catch up on everything we could. We drove to Noodles and Company, talking and laughing the whole way there. We went inside to eat, and I ordered the pesto and she ordered some classic Mac N Cheese. While we were there, Jessi taught me from her vast knowledge of communication about showing interest with body language by making eye contact and leaning in slightly to be engaged in the conversation. I made sure to make lots of eye contact and be leaning in to make sure she picked up my signals of interest, because I was already so impressed with her. Our conversation continued all through dinner and in the car on the way to our next activity.

From Noodles and Company, we drove to sugarhouse park, and I pulled out a loaf of bread so that we could feed the ducks. This was a special moment for me to share with Jessi, as I had hitherto never had a classic feeding-the-ducks date. We had lots of fun getting to know each other and trying to lure in some ducks with our Grandma Sycamore’s. It was already obvious how compatible and comfortable with each other we were. We kept saying the same things at the same time, which made us laugh. After we finished feeding the ducks, Jessi mentioned that we were right by the house she was about to move into, and we thought it would be fun to go and check it out. We parked across the street, and knocked on the door, then her landlord Steve let us in and proceeded to give us the tour. He took us downstairs so we could see where Jessi would be living, and it was fun to see how excited she was about her new place, and how friendly and nice she was to her landlord. Her landlord pointed out some shelves, and told her not to worry, he would be getting those ugly flower shelves out to the garage. In fact, since we were there, he figured that we might as well help move them if we didn’t mind. “Hey, why not?” we said. So we did some good old-fashioned furniture moving on our first date. After we finished with that, Steve remembered that the washing machine needed to go upstairs, and heck, I’m already here and in the moving zone, so…might as well move up the washing machine, too, eh? It was fun to be put to work on our first date, and to see Jessi being totally willing to show off her furniture-moving abilities. Moving furniture, we still were having fun and smiling together, and we laughed about it when we got back out to the car. 🙂

Well, once we finished moving the shelves and washing machine, we went to a fun place called The Greenhouse Effect. We ordered some crepes, and sat down and started talking like we had been the entire night. We were both very interested in getting to know each other, and I had never felt such a strong connection to anyone on a first date. After talking for an hour or two, I wished I could stay and talk to her all night. I thought it would be nice, though, to be respectful and impress her parents by having her home at a decent hour. So by about midnight, we were back to drop her off at her house. On her porch, I wrapped her up in a big hug, and broke the dating game rules and told her that I would love to take her out on another date as soon as possible. She responded by telling me that she would love to go out again as soon as possible. That was the beginning of mine and Jessi’s dating relationship, the best thing that has ever happened to me. We ended up going out again the next night, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that….

That man is obsessed with me…. and I likey.

Funny side note, when I had said yes to John asking me out, I realized later that the night we were to go out was the birthday party of my nephew and we were having a huge BBQ at my house.  I thought to myself, “I could just call him back and take a rain check so that I don’t miss the party.  I’m sure he’ll understand.”  So I got on my phone to call him, dialed his number, it rang once, and a very firm yet gentle force made my hand snap my phone shut without me even realizing it.  It was literally not me hanging up, but hang up I did.  At that point I thought to myself, “Maybe I should go out with this guy anyway….It seems kind of important.”  We were married 4 1/2 months later.  And the rest is family history.

So in honor of our first date anniversary we decided to reenact, as much as possible, our very first date.  Noodles and Co., Sugarhouse Park duck feeding, The Greenhouse Effect–all over again, with some extra little things added that we were too bashful to do on our first date;)


At Nood’s.  We sat in the same spot as the first date!
I got the Shrimp Curry this time, though…
Biscuit is obsessed with shrimp these days.


The ducks were a little aggressive this time….
They started charging us at one point.
It was creepy, because I have a thing about ducks already.
Let’s just say it didn’t help.


At the Greenhouse Effect, waiting for our Crepe. . .
Don’t worry, John’s actually on his phone to take a picture of me,
he’s not neglecting me on our date.  He would never!


It’s so much fun to be married to your best friend.  I’m so glad JW asked me out 24 months ago and that I said yes and kept the date.  Life really pays you back for all the time you spend in loneliness.  I really feel like John and I were especially prepared for each other and the sacred experience of falling in love so easily and naturally.  He is the tender mercy of all tender mercies.  If you know him, then you know exactly what I mean.  If you don’t know him, then that is really sad for you, and you should come over and hang out with him.  He’d love it, because he loves you, even though you don’t know him.  That’s just how he rolls.  And if you know him, you know exactly what I mean.


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  1. Alissa says:

    Hahaha I love this!! You guys are so fun. We need to hang out soon! Even if you have your baby in the near future! (which for your sake, I hope you do!)

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