Best Gift Ever:


My dear friend Brynn gave John and I the most beautiful gift in preparation for our baby being born.  She gave us a blank journal with a letter written to John and me, and another letter written to Biscuit.  I literally cried when I read them, and so did my mom.  I wanted to put them on the blog so that I can have them for my personal record forever {I got permission from Brynn to publicize the letters, thanks Brynn!}:

::First letter::

Dear Jessi and John…

   One of my greatest treasures from the past year of my life is the journal I kept for Madi.  Most of the entries are letters expressing my feelings and joys regarding her, however.  Not all are super sentimental.

   These moments go so fast and you will wish so badly you could hold him just a little longer while he sleeps, or tell him one more story while he lays on your chest.

   Don’t let those moments get lost.  Here is a journal to remember this precious time.  I hope you can have as much fun recording his milestones as he has making them!

   You will both be absolutely INCREDIBLE parents and this little baby is lucky to be part of such an amazing family!

   We love you all {there are 3 of you now!} and wish you the best as you begin the latest BEST stage of life!

   Good luck and welcome Little One!

   Love, Jared and Brynn L.

::second letter::

Dear Little One,

   I am taking an uninvited opportunity to tell you a little about your new family.

   I served a mission with your sweet mom in Ireland and learned so much from her.

   You, more than anyone else, know that she knows how to love.  When she loves, she does it with all of her heart.  What a lucky little boy you are to have such a love waiting for you, yearning to cover you.

   She will teach you how to be an incredible man.  She admires your Grandpa D. so much and I know will help you become all that he is.  She is an excellent teacher, very willing and patient, and I know you will do great things because of her.

   Finally, she knows you are a son of God and will remind you of that daily by her spirit and her example.

   She has a sure testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and knows it to be True.  She has a very strong relationship with our Father in Heaven and her Savior Jesus Christ.  She will always help you become closer to them.  Watch her and follow closely.  She will lead you home to them

   You also have an incredible daddy.  I know he is so excited to have you here and he, too, will teach you so many important lessons.  The most important two things I’ve seen your dad do are:

   1. Love your mom.  He adores her and truly treats her better than any other husband and wife.  It’s obvious when he looks at her, he sees her as Christ sees her.  Learn from him how important family relationships are.

   2. Also, your daddy loves and honors his Priesthood.  He will show you how to do this as well.  It will change your life.  He is an amazing man.

   You have such an amazing life ahead.  Welcome to this wonderful world!

   Love, your friend Brynn

Thank you so much, Brynn and Jared, for your sensitivity and compassion.  We are so grateful you are in our lives.



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