introducing a new series on the ol’ blog:

I have this idea that I think is pretty great.

So I’m really passionate about personal record keeping, which is part of why I love writing on the blog.  I also have several other personal journals that I write in, too, and find that recording experiences and feelings is not only therapeutic, but extremely spiritual.  While it’s great that I can keep a personal history of things that are currently happening in my family’s and my life, I have so many memories that have gone unrecorded that I would love to write up, just to have them immortalized for myself and for posterity.

So here’s my idea:  every Friday I’ll be writing up a different memory!  And you are invited to, as well, and link your post on up if you want.    Hopefully this will be enriching for all of us.  I’m excited to share some of my memories with you, and to read the gems from your past, too.  Tee hee, that rhymed.  Tune in on Friday for our maiden voyage of “Flashback Friday” yo!

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  1. Jerilyn says:

    I am stoked. And totally participating. And did you make that button yourself? Cause I have an idea for a button and zero clue on how to do it. Maybe we can chat sometime.

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