Flashback Friday: Joshy’s Pink Eye 2007

Flashback Friday is a weekly series on “Hopes and Dreams.”  Each Friday a different memory from Jessi’s or John’s past is posted.  You are invited to join the fun and record a memory of your own, too, whether it be on your blog, in your journal, in an audio file, etc.  The objective is to foster an appreciation and desire for personal record keeping as we are forming our personal histories.  Also, if you chose to blog your memory, you are invited to link up to our memory (but only if you wanna).   
Today’s memory has to do with this lil’ fella:
This is my nephew–my pride and joy–Joshua.  He was the first grandbaby on both of his parents’ sides, so you can imagine how much we have doted on him.  I can’t explain the love that has grown in my heart since his birth.
Well, back when he was this lil’ fella:
he concocted pink eye.  Poor guy.  He was miserable.  He had had the infection for a few days and it didn’t seem to be letting up.  His mama had taken him to the doctor and had gotten drops and medicine, but it hadn’t started to make a huge difference yet.  
Well, one day pink-eyed Josh and his mama came to visit, which was always the highlight of my week.  At some point in the duration of their visit, Joshy did what baby’s do and needed a diaper change. I volunteered to change him because he was still at the stage where I thought it was cute when he pooped.  So I went to change Josh’s nappy.  Keep in mind, he was just a tiny baby at the time, maybe six months old at the most.  I laid him on his changing pad on the floor and began the process:  
Diaper off, folded up, placed aside.  
Baby bum wiped and cleaned, wipes discarded.  
Then I went to reach for a new diaper and found that there wasn’t one as handy as I had anticipated.  So I had to dig in the the diaper bag to find one.  Meanwhile, Joshy was airing out and must have become a little chilly, because he proceeded to wee wee wee all the way home, if ya know what I’m sayin. Not only was his pee pee uncontained, but his “little friend” was angled such that the stream of urine projected directly into his eye–the infected one.
We frantically tried to stop the flow, but how the heck do you do that, really… We tried to protect the eye, at least, but we were simply too late.  There was nothing we could do at that point but clean it out as best we could, and give a little chuckle in our horrification.  Luckily his mama still let me be his aunt, even though I had contaminated the windows to his soul…  
Now here’s the kicker—his pink eye was LITERALLY GONE the very next morning…
Now get recording your memories, y’all!!


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