First Mothers’ Day Recap

We were in California for Mothers’ Day this year.  You’d think since we were away and I’m not really a mother yet that it wouldn’t really be a deal in our home–but not so when you’re married to John William H.  I awoke at Uncle Tom’s mansion on Sunday morning to a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers and a gourmet breakfast of crepes, scones, eggs, and sausage. It was simple yet so so meaningful and beautiful.


I told John to not get me any gifts because I went on a lil’ shopping spree the week before Mothers’ Day and felt great about counting that as my gift.  But he went and got me something anyway… behold:

“My Dad Is a Geek” maternity shirt…
and you better BELIEVE I am!!

Love you John….so so much.  Thanks for making me feel like a mommy:)…