i have had absolutely no motivation to do anything lately, let alone blog.  even now i’m struggling to figure out what to write here.  my brain has been taken over by hormones and heart burn and simply doesn’t work like it used to.  and i have to apologize to my father for not using capitol letters in this post.  he would be appalled, but i simply don’t have the energy to push two buttons at a time just to make a letter bigger than the ones that follow it.  so sorry, popsie.  anyhoo, here’s a little of what we’ve been up to the past month…

-i got my first mean anonymous comment!  it really made me feel great, let me tell you.  it was tacked on to my last post entitled “because i want to remember.'”  evidently it’s selfish to share missionary experiences with others, and someone’s feelings are only real if they can’t get pregnant {never mind that john and i have had fertility scares of our own that no one really knows about…}.  i’ve been debating on how to respond to this comment, but have decided that i don’t really care to.  i don’t write this blog to cater to my readers, because i hardly have any other than my dad anyway.  and frankly, i don’t know enough about golf and jimmer to keep him engaged.  this is my personal record of my feelings and my experiences and i won’t let anyone’s mean, anonymous comments frighten me from being my real self on here, and from recording things that are so special and unique to me.  and if you’re not impressed with me or with what i write, you are cordially invited to read something else and leave me to be myself.  and please, no more mean, anonymous comments.  kthnxluvuby.


-jw is wrapping up his semester!  for one of his final projects he, with a few other class members, had to build a robot that launched a toy at a target.  there was this huge competition held at the union building on campus, and my hub’s robot made it to the final round!!  his team was even on the news!  i was so proud of him and his nerdiness.  later that night we read comics and played dungeons and dragons.  jk!  but i really am so proud of mr. h.  he has worked so hard and he’s now just pushing through some finals this week and next until he’s free sailing for the next wee while until he starts up the summer semester.  question:  does finals season weigh on anyone else’s marriage?  it kinda totally stinks.

-my new neice, breezy, is so stinking cute.  her mama bought her the cutest lil’ easter dress and invited me to make her a flower to put on a headband for her to wear on easter sunday.  let’s just say i brought a whole new meaning to the term “easter bonnet” because that flower was about the size of the child’s head.  she looked like she was ready to go to the royal wedding!

and this was AFTER we trimmed the tool down.  it started out a good 30% bigger than what it ended up as.  i can’t get enough of ridiculously large fabric flowers on baby’s heads.  i admit that was one of the main reasons i was sad about having a boy instead of a girl at first.  but don’t worry, i’m diving into a whole new world of embellishing baby boy onesies and bibs and such.  i’m LOVING baby boy stuff.

-{thinking……thinking…….what to write………oh yeah!} the other day at work a very geriatric gentleman approached me at the receptionist desk.  he quickly apologized because he had been staring at me for the past few minutes, and didn’t want me to feel funny if i had caught him.  he then proceeded to explain that he was staring at me because he was just amazed at my skin {wait for it} because it was exactly like his 78 YEAR OLD WIFE’S.   he said he had never met anyone with skin like his wife’s before, but that i was in fact her skin-twin.  i know he meant it as a compliment, because he then went off on how amazing his wife’s skin is and has always been, but i don’t think he thought through what kind of complex could blossom in the mind of a 26 year old pregita after being compared physically to a 78 year old, regardless of skin type…I’m sure she’s lovely, though.

-something you might not know about me unless we go swimming together {which is none of you because i don’t really go swimming} is that i have tons of moles all over my body.  over the years i would say i’ve easily had 20 moles removed, mainly on my back.  i’m kind of like human swiss cheese.  well, the other week i had some moles biopsied and one of them came back as a-typical, aka “creepy,” so i’ll have to go in and get some surgery on it to remove a huge chunck out of my back, just to make sure all of the pre-melanoma cells are out.  this may sound alarming to people who are unfamiliar with mole culture, but this is actually a surgery i’ve had twice before in different areas of my body, all within the last three years.  so it’s not too much of a biggy to me.  my philosophy is to just get the stinkers out, so i don’t mind if it involves scarring or pain.  especially because it’s on my back, which you’d only ever see if we went swimming together.  but, as mentioned above, i’m not a big swimmer.  and i’d still take a visit to the dermatologist to get cut up over a trip to the dentist any day of the week….

pregnancy update
-third trimester, baby!!!
-nausea is totally manageable if i stay medicated.
-terrible heart burn
-utter exhaustion
-biscuit kicks and jumps and hiccups and tickles me all the time
-sleeping problems—not too bad, though
-{cough} hemorrhoids {cough}
-mood swings {sorry jw}
-dr. pepper {sweet nectar…}
-milk and wonder bread {for the heart burn}
-no stretch marks!  {besides the ones i already had…}
-little bit of the blues here and there
-jw has to wear cologne all the time for me–my pregnant nose interprets his smell as bad for some reason, even though i know he smells fine to others.  for example, his breath smells the worst to me right after he brushes his teeth!  so it’s not him, it’s me.  i just want to make that clear, for his sake:)
-great skin, but I guess that’s debatable….
28 weeks

love you guys.


  1. Brynn and Jared says:

    Love the belly!!! YAYAY!! love it while it’s there, when it’s gone you will be so excited and that little boy will be in your arms but there is something special about knowing your baby is in the safest place in the world, you. You look beautiful Jess! Smile and love today. Love ye

  2. hoistgrace says:

    I’m quite sure my final projects are weighing on my wife. Possibly more than they’re weighing on me. When I tell people that I have finals happening they apologize! I think its weird. I guess I’m unusual for enjoying my schooling.

  3. Dan and Heidi says:

    Hey Jess,
    i just want to say that I love you. I think that you are amazing. I am proud of you for giving “Megan” a BoM. I have thought a lot about how I could help her as well, and never knew what to do.
    I also want to comment on your annonymous poster. Not that it really matters, because people are just rude and that won’t change, and you are bold enough and independent enough to keep on doing what you do despite what others say.
    Sharing your experiences on a blog is your own perogative. it’s YOUR blog. People these days seem to think blogs are there for them. I don’t write my blog for anyone but myself. and those people that want to read it may. But I will never change what I do on my blog cause someone doesn’t like it. And so for someone to have the nerve to tell you to change how you run your blog, is just….I can’t come up with any words that I want to post publicly.
    But mainly the two points I wanted to make is: 1 Missionary moments are what we LDS members are all about. We are taught to share the gospel with anyone. and for those of us who have shared missions, it is essential to share them with others largely for our own rememberance and testimony growth. We can share, whine, gripe, cry, shout, exclaim, etc. as much as we want, because a mission is DANG HARD! and we deserve the right to talk about it as much as we want. Especially those of us who served in Europe. No one who hasn’t served in europe understands the struggle to be a european missionary. and those who havent served a mission at all, dont understand the struggle to be a missionary.
    2: Yes, you have been blessed with the ability to have a lil biscut, but that doesnt make it any easier for you. Your hormones are still raging our of control, your still sick as a dog, and just because you are carrying a child does not automatically mean your going to be happy 24/7 for 9 months with a big smile on your face saying I love feeling like garbage so I can have a baby! NO!! No one expects that of you, except maybe anannymous. Being blessed doesnt exempt you from hard times. So please Jess, gripe all you want. And I love hearing your stories, so please share share share!!
    You are one of the most mazing people I hav eever met and my life has been blessed just by knowing you. Don’t ever change.

  4. CKE says:

    Jess! You are so adorable pregnant. I am loving the pictures. 🙂 That makes me so mad someone left a mean comment. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all! No one is making ppl read your blog. They need to just keep on steppin! GRR…. ANYWAY. 🙂 I am so excited to see your lovely, wonderful, beautiful self soon! I just love you! 🙂

  5. Tricia Jeanne says:

    I have to say, I have been tempted on a couple of occasions to write rude blog comments to someone who has offended/hurt my feelings through a post and reading this has made me so grateful that I never did!!! Because everyone out there has someone who loves them as much as I love you and mean comments are no way to make the world a better place!
    Way cute belly bump by the way! Third trimester, yay!!

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