Your Love Is Like Bad Medicine…

In the Spring of 2009 I was driving to school in my brother’s 1989 yellow cadillac {my car was in the shop…}.  I found myself on Foothill Blvd. when something inside me turned my head to my right.  And that was when it all began.  There he was–John H. from my singles ward–singing “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi at the top of his lungs–with the windows down.  I got a kick out of it, I will tell you what.  I caught his attention and gave him a smile and a wave.  We didn’t know each other at all, just who the other was from the ward.  But I knew he was so nice and sweet.  He seemed embarrassed for a second but waved back and continued belting it out as we went our separate ways.  Later that day I returned to my yellow caddy at the university Institute parking lot to discover a note on my windshield from Mr. H. himself.  He had tracked down my car in the thousands of cars parked at the university {granted, it was a yellow cadillac….might not have been that hard to spot…but still..}.  Behold:


(yes, I still have this note.  I kept it in my wallet because I thought it was so nice.  Little did I know it would be the first of thousands of notes I’d be getting from this fella…)

It was at that moment that a paused and thought to myself, “John is so nice!  Could I like him……?………Naaaaah.”  Turns out the timing wasn’t quite right yet.

Fast forward a year and a half when I’m having they guy’s baby, and I discover that Bon Jovi is coming to concert!  I looked up tickets online and found that we could afford the nose-bleeds {where did that term come from…}, so I got him tickets for Valentine’s Day.  This last Tuesday we were able to cash in that V-Day gift and attend what might have been the…..longest….concert I have ever been to.  But it was totally amazing!  Jon Bon Jovi is an incredible performer.  However, I started getting really sick before it was over, but really really really wanted to wait for “Living on a Prayer” to be played because of the sentimentality, right?  Welp…two and a half hours into it when he came out in his third costume change to do an encore with nooooo “Living on a Prayer,” I surrendered to my body and told John I really needed to go home.  So we left early, but not as early as we thought.  Turns out that “encore” was another 30-45 minute set and that they played “Living on a Prayer” for their very very last last lastest song.  The humanity!  I had just concluded that Bon Jovi was too old to sing that high anymore, but turns out they just saved the best for last.  Of COURSE they did.

Regardless of missing OUR song, it was a fantastic show.  So so much fun.  Biscuit was doing the air-guitar or running man or something the whole time, because he was moving around in there a lot.  That’s my BOY!  Already has great taste in music.  And it was an awesome venue for people-watching.  Everyone was clad in their best Ed Hardy nock-offs and drunk their inhibitions away with over-priced beer, which made for some pointing and giggling on John’s and my part.  But in the nicest way possible….

panoramic of one side of the arena–it was packed!
Rock on.
perfectly satisfied with our seats.
ear plugs = ingenious.
there he is, the Jovster himself
sooooo tired at the end of the night.

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