Weekend Roundup

This was quite the eventful weekend.  Championships won, Spring Break christening dates, babies born, surprises from Cali…and I’m loving my new hipstamatic camera app to capture it all {No worries, I’m just using the iPhone as an iPod now…I’m still phone and over-complicated-life-free–and lovin it.}.

My first niece!
Baby Bree B.
19 in
Marsh Man’s Championship Church Ball game, winning by 1 in overtime
handsome hubbers
date night at Chili’s
And I just realized I don’t have any pictures of Jake and Taci!  What the heck.  That will surely change this week.  My brother and sis-in-law drove all the way from California to surprise us.  John and I spoke in our Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and so we’re sitting up on the stand waiting for the meeting to begin, when in saunter The Legend and his bride!  We about flipped our wig.  They didn’t tell anyone they were coming and staying for a whole week!  It’s Taci’s spring break and Jake can work from his laptop so they decided to be adventurous and drive 12 hours straight to be with us ol’ mugs.  We are super excited to have them here this week.  Here’s what’s on the docket with them:
shooting range
maybe mountain stuff {depending on the weather}
coddling and cosseting baby Bree
laughing our noggins off.
{photos to come}
Have I mentioned that my brother has an incredible website?  And he’s in the MD/PHD program at UCSD?  And that he’s in the process of saving the world?  And that he is internationally know for his brilliance and amazing character? You think I’m exaggerating.  Oh, but I amn’t. This fella has “Nobel Peace Prize” written all over him.  Just wait and see.
Anyhoo, John is on Spring Break now and we are feeling FREEEEEEE!  It was a great weekend to kick it off.  We went out to eat on Friday AND Saturday.  And we worked on my recently developed “kissing phobia.”  Pregnancy has done weird things to me…
Speaking in church was an incredible experience.  We spoke on looking for the good in life, others, trials, ourselves, and our spouses.  It was based off this message, and we both learned so much in preparation.  We absolutely love our ward {aka congregation} and feel so welcomed and appreciated even though we’ve only lived in it for 3 1/2 months.  We were recently called as the Young Single Adult Shepherding Couple {even though most of our YSA’s are older than us:)} and we couldn’t be more excited to start that party!  We’re going to initiate a class for the YSA’s and basically have a feast of food {and hopefully the Spirit} every week to entice people to come out.  We have over 40 YSA’s in our ward boundaries and we are so excited to track them all down and force them to love us.
Welp, I’m off to squish my new niece before I heads into work.  Hope you all had a great weekend too, and that you LOVE the rain as much as I do on this beautiful Monday.

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  1. CKE says:

    So, my neighbor was telling me that singles wards are being dissolved, and that YSA will just attend family wards now. I forgot about it until I read this post! So is it true? Is that why you round up the YSA’s in your ward now? No more singles wards, so crazy!

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