New Biggest Pet Peeve:

Overly-attentive sales reps at stores in the mall. Of course this has always been annoying, but yesterday I must have been extra irritable because I was three seconds away from decking any rep who approached me. For some reason they were all extra perky and extra fake and extra- extra “piranha fest on a bison”-ish.

Exhibit A: I am at Charlotte Rousse, ready to check out, and I place the pieces I found on the counter to be scanned. Sales rep: {in the highest, phoniest, mini-mousiest voice you can imagine} “Well hello there! Did you find these things okay?” My thoughts: “Are you kidding me, Miss under-aged boob job? Evidently you spent your papa’s money on your augmentation and not an education post high school.  Of course I found them okay, I brought them to you to scan for me to purchase……” Stupidest question ever.

Okay, you might not think that one was that bad…. And if I hadn’t previously experienced the following scenario, I might not have been as annoyed. Behold:

Exhibit B: I’m at Motherhood, already wary as I was reflecting on how overly-attentive the rep at that store was the last time I had patronized it, and I’m approached. Naturally. She asks my name and if there is anything in particular I’m looking for. There was (an over-sized smock thing), but I didn’t want to fuel her enthusiasm for fear of what it could result in. I just wanted to be left alone. I simply told her, “Oh, I’m just shopping the sales, thanks though.” Shopper language for “Please don’t bother me while I’m shopping.” After a few minutes (and several more check-ups from this rep) I had a small collection of pieces I was interested in trying on and she enthusiastically started a dressing room for me. And then—IT happened. . . . I’m in the dressing room—trying clothes on—intermittently naked, mind you—when all the sudden this rep OPENS MY DRESSING ROOM DOOR TO SHOW ME SOME SHIRTS SHE THOUGHT I MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN TRYING ON.

EXCUSE ME????????

You do NOT open peoples’ dressing room doors EVER, let alone to shove a sale down their throat!!! I couldn’t even believe it. Can you believe it??? I still can’t! Preposterous, I say.

Yes, that really happened to me.

Needless to say I was annoyed. But I did get some great things on sale.  And by gum, I’ll still go back to Motherhood but only because I have a gift card there.

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  1. CKE says:

    lol um I would FREAK out if someone opened my dressing room door!! haha good luck going back using your gift card! 🙂

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