Yeah, one of those “listy” posts:

John and I celebrated the Lover’s Holiday.  It was a beautiful and elegant evening.

I continue to feel very sick most of the time.  I thought it would be over by this point, which in ways makes the sickness worse than before.  Medication usually helps, but not always.  I’ve shed a lot of tears lately.

I can’t stop thinking about Disneyland.  I can’t wait to take my baby there one day.

I am in dire need of getting my roots done.  Dad, will you fund this, pretty please??  It would change my life right now.  It’s a girl thing, and you might not understand, but it would help me be reborn.  Please?

I get migraines—full on, real, debilitating migraines—at least 4 times a week.  They make me vomit, they are so painful.  I’ve had to start drinking Diet Coke to ease them.  I was off caffeine for over four years and had a hard time bringing myself to drink it again, even medicinally.  But nothing else seems to help the migraines the way the DC does.  So I think it’s from heaven.

John and I are obsessed with Prison Break on Netflix lately.  We watched 5 episodes straight one Saturday.  And those who know me well know that this means Prison Break is my reality right now. I dream about it. And I think about it all the time.  And I’m in it.  And I have to have my mommy walk me out to my car at night when I’m leaving my parents’ house after a visit.  Those who know me well know that I am not joking about making my mommy walk me out to my car.

My sisters and I saw Just Go With It last night.  It was a typical Adam Sandler movie–meh—, but I particularly enjoyed it only because it was filmed on the very resort in Maui that we stayed at with the H fam last Spring Break!  It was so fun to see it again, and to pick out the places where John and I have pictures together.  I was freaking out the whole movie!

Grand Wailea Resort, March 2010

John and I have been really trying to invest deeply in our marriage recently.  We have discussed things that we each need and things that we each love, and are doing some exercises to keep and deepen our connection.  John and I have a great marriage, don’t worry Dad, we just want to keep it great–especially in the face of so much change in the next few months as the due date for Biscuit gets closer.  I think staying on top of your marriage is the most important thing you can do for your relationship.  As soon as you get complacent it becomes hard, and even discouraging, to get back on top.  And it is so easy to get complacent, really.  As soon as you stop pro-actively engaging in your relationship, complacency begins.  Marriages have to be alive to live.  So the other day I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to reveal one thing to me that we could do that would significantly strengthen our marriage (I wanted to keep it doable and something we could really focus intently on, so I only asked for one thing, even though there could be many things we could do).  Before I even finished expressing my desire, Heavenly Father revealed to me that we need to go on a date every week.  This is something John and I have always tried to do, and we usually do go out together at least once a week, but we are going to start making our date nights a big deal again.  We are going to pre-plan them on Sunday, using our Happenings Book of coupons to help us decide what we want to do for the date, and get gussied up and make the night really important.  Marriage is just so great when you are both willing to work on it.

Mama H gave me some beautiful maternity clothes for Valentine’s Day.  I have been getting oodles of compliments on them.  Every time someone hears that my MIL gave my smokin outfit to me for Valentine’s day they say, “Wow, that’s a really nice Valentine’s Day gift!”  Then I explain she gave me three more outfits, too, and they say, “What?! Wow, your mother-in-law loves you a LOT!”  We are besties, and not just because she buys me stuff.  That woman is in-cred-i-ble for so many reasons.

I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life where I have needed a vacation more than I do right now.  I talk about going on one all the time.  And I think about going on one even more.  I want to go on a “Babymoon” with John before it gets too late and things will be different forever…

I have been diving into Preach My Gospel again.  For the first time since the mission, really.  It is such a great guide for having fruitful scripture studies.  I’ve been studying chapter 4, Recognizing the Spirit, in depth and feel like I have had more personal revelation since starting to study it this past month than I have in the past year.  It is amazing to feel Heavenly Father talking to you.

I think that’s all for now.

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