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Oh dear, I sure don’t blog that much right now.  Let alone do much of anything else.  You should see my sink.  But don’t smell it.  I warned you.  I just have zero moto for anything lately.  I’m just a blob.  I work all day and I am zonked by the time I get home, so I just vedge mindlessly until I go to bed at 20:00 and can sleep until about 9:00 the next morning.  Under other circumstances I would not respect myself right now, but, heck, I’m growing a baby so lay off me, Me!

Okay so who’s ready for my 2010 round up?!?!?!
{I can hear my dad now, “Me! Me!”…….he’s my only reader}

K, Popsie, this one’s for YOU!

{NOTE: this is a bit of a longer post, so for your convenience, if you don’t want to spend the time to read the whole thing, I have summed it up at the end.  Feel free to skip down.  But if you’re a true friend, you’ll read the whole thing.}

*To start the year off, the H. fam sponsored a trip to Maui by way of Disneyland! I had never been to Hawaii before and it was a dream come true.  I was relatively new to the H. fam and I had so much fun getting to know them and being with my boyfriend in a tropical paradise.  And Disneyland is probably my most favorite place on earth, but I have to admit that I’ve turned into a bit of a DL snob–We stayed at the Grand California on the resort, and I just don’t think I could ever do Disneyland any other way now!!  The H clan knows how to do it right!


*I finally quit TKJ, Inc. and moved on to bigger and {MUCH MUCH MUCH} better at Hand and Ortho as a receptionist.  It is a whole new world.  To work for people who actually EXPRESS appreciation for all your hard work is a novel concept!  It is a very safe and happy work environment and I am so blessed to be there.  Love my HandO girls.

*I graduated!  {sort of… see here for more on that}  I absolutely loved my major.  I felt like I excelled in the department and really found my niche–family and relational communication.  I decided against grad school in social work, but would love to eventually go back and get a Master’s in Interpersonal Communication, to hopefully be able to teach on the university level.  Won’t happen for a looong time, but it is definitely a dream of mine.  And now that I am {officially} done with undergrad, I have a sense of freedom and am really diving into some of my hobbies.  It’s great to have the liberty to be able to do that whenever I want and not feel the guilt and pressure from procrastinating papers and readings to do them!


*This past summer we went to Northern California for Tommy and Maeve’s wedding.  It was stunning!  It was in a lush forrest with dancing in a gorgeous barn.  And I was honored to participate in the ceremony {last minute, love you Aunt Mary!} by singing a song for the happy couple right before they recited their vows.  It was quite the experience belting it out {gently, as appropriate for such an occasion} in a forrest of tall redwoods!  It was literally awesome.  I just love going on trips with my John.



*{Honey don’t get mad that I’m writing this.} JW had some back surgery after we got home from California and the recovery was awful.  He actually didn’t really recover until just a few weeks ago–7 months after the fact.  But my baby never complained, bless his heart.  He is such a trooper and has a Gift of the Spirit to be optimistic and cheerful in spite of dire circumstances.  I love that about him.


*John and I were called to be the Ward Activity Chairs.  We were able to throw three majorly successful and entertaining activities before we moved from that ward {And before that calling was dissolved all together}–the 4th of July Breakfast and Bike Parade, the Fall Festival with the Magician, and the Christmas Formal with an A Cappella group serenading us as we had the best prime rib I have ever eaten.  This calling was the antagonist of my existence and nearly drove me to inactivity in the Church.  I tried to have a good attitude about it at the end, but planning that Christmas party contributed to one of the hardest times of my life.

*John William turned 24 in 2010 and I threw him the greatest surprise party any wife has ever thrown her 24 year old husband.  About a month before his real birthday we decided to go the the temple, when in reality I had planned that all along we would go to the temple that particular night and John’s family and friends would be waiting for him there in the chapel to surprise him with a big group session together, with all of his closest loved ones.  He was floored.  Totally did not expect it in the least.  It went perfectly.  Then we all met at my parents’ house {more people came to that too, there was probably a total of about 50 in all} for cake and celebration.  It was the perfect party for my adoring hubs.


*My baby sister Kelsey entertained us like a pro several times this past year.  She took 1st place in a regional {over 100 schools} competition for her comedic monologue down in Southern Utah.  She also starred as Joy in her high school’s production of “Cinderella” and was the funniest step sister ever known to man.  She is so talented and it is so incredible to watch her up on stage.  It is mind blowing.

*Not only did John and I celebrate our first whole calender year together as a married couple, but we also celebrated our first anniversary in November.  What a spectacular event.  Greatest year of our lives.  I love my husband more sacredly and deeply than I could ever express and I am so eternally and humbly blessed to have him as mine.


*On the morning of our first anniversary I took a pregnancy test and found out we are pregnant!  It was fun to be able to spill those beans to John on our one year anniversary date that night.  It was so hard to hold it in for the whole day.  We just think it was the cutest and most fun little tender mercy that we were able to include that news in our special day.  We’ll never forget when we found out, eh?  John about passed out with glee when I told him.

*I celebrated my 26th birthday in 2011.  That was quite the week–One year anniversary, finding out we’re pregs, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Mom’s birthday, BYU-Utah football game–yowzers.  I had a great birthday.  My wonderful in-laws surprised me with a Cricut Imagine!  I wanted to cry.  We also went to the Rockette’s Christmas Special, as a surprise to me, and the Utes pulled it out and “won.”  It was such a great day.  My baby spoiled me rotten.

*We sent my “little” brother Matt off to serve the Lord for two years.  There were a couple scares of whether or not he would be able to keep his original call to Slovakia {he was having back problems} but he’s clear for take off and in the MTC until February 28th.  I am brimming with excitement for him and find so much joy from being his sister.


Other 2010 notables:
*Ellie announces she is pregnant–baby Bree due March of 2011
*we moved twice, once on New Year’s Eve 2010 to our adorable new apartment {our third place in the first 14 months of marriage}
*lot’s of performances in different sacrament meetings
*helped Jen Cummings with her phd dissertation which was a several-month-long project
*The Lion King at Capital Theater–I cried.
*I started my own small business, Si Si Bella, doing formal hair and makeup {and pampering} for weddings and special occasions
*fabric flowers. Lots of fabric flowers.  And other crafts.

{the author reserves the right to add to this list whenever she remembers other important events of the past year so that her posterity can have it on record}

{Honey, did I forget anything?  My brain is pregnant, and I very well could have.}

1. Hawaii and Disneyland
2. Quit job, got a new one
3. “Graduated”
4. California for the wedding
5. John’s surgery
6. Ward Activity Chairs
7. John turns 24
8. Kelsey is a star
9. 1st anniversary
10. We’re pregnant!
11. Jessi turns 26
12. Matt goes on his mission

2010 was the greatest year of my life so far.  I love being married, I love having my own wee place, I love the idea that we’ll have a baby soon {don’t love being pregnant}, I love my Savior, I love our friends and family, and I love John William more than I can say and almost more than I can feel, and I love a Gracious Father in Heaven who has blessed us beyond measure this past year.  Here’s to a great 2011–which promises wonderful new things for our little growing family.


  1. CKE says:

    Um… your dad isn’t your only reader, thank you very much!! I’m glad you had such a good year! You guys are cute. 🙂 Know what else is cute? Your blog!! Love the changes! Looks great. 🙂

  2. Curtis & Co. says:

    Seriously- I check just about everyday to see if you have updated- I consider myself to be an avid follower! 😉
    Love you so much and can’t wait to see your cute face tonight!

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