Our Lil’ Biscuit

I used to look at ultrasound images and awkwardly smile, pretending I “saw” the “baby” and humoring the parent-to-be with “oo’s” and “ah’s” even though I could not make out a baby from an ultrasound picture any more than I could make 3D images appear before me from crossing my eyes while staring at those magic eye books back in 4th grade.  It just didn’t happen.
But now when I look at these ultrasound images all I can see is a beautifully large, out-of-proportioned head, a little nose, a cute little beany-body, and little arms and legs to squish and love and kiss.  Our little baby.  Our very own little baby.
Our first prenatal visit was great.  John brought a cam-corder (yes, you read that right—a big ol’ 90’s style cam-corder—not the sleek, inconspicuous, barely-there, can-hold-on-the-tip-of-your-finger recorders everyone is sporting these days).  He got some great footage, especially of the nurses laughing at us for bringing said cam-corder.  It was so cute, though, and oh so very dad-ish.
Our doctor, Doctor H, is an angel.  We love her and are excited to build a relationship with her over the next months.  I was nervous about whether or not I would like her–not because I had any reason beforehand to not, I just have heard of people not liking their doctors that much.  But we love her.
We also found out that we are in actuality two weeks further along than we thought!  So this Saturday I will be 14 weeks–out of the first trimester!!  How different did you mommies out there feel after the first trimester?  I am sick of being sick, but grateful to know that me being sick equals a working baby inside me…  But I’m ready to feel better.  Will I?
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  1. Curtis & Co. says:

    About DARN time you updated! I check everyday and nothing! Until now…
    You have made my day! I miss you so much! Congrats on being 2 weeks further along- That is such great news!
    love ya!!!!!!!

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