A Little wacky, a little wondrous:

-Two different people at work telling me I’m starting to show.  The thing is, its really just fat rolls I’m acquiring since having to satiate nausea and dizziness with eating every hour, on the hour, all day long, every day. 
-burning my baked potato in the microwave at work and stinking up the entire billing office, but still eating it.  I was hungry.
-My darling not-pregnant-friend at work being congratulated that she was pregnant and asked when she was due.  She replied, “March…” to save the person asking her from embarrasment.  That goes under {Wondrous} too. 
-excruciating headaches.  Often.
-going into the bathroom at work right after someone came out and it smells less than pleasant, then seeing that person a few minutes later, knowing you both know.
-Having no motivation to unpack the rest of my moving boxes and contemplating being content living out of them until we move again, which we are hoping is not for a loooooooong time  {We moved 3 times in our first 14 months of marriage…}.
-JW having to get gum grafting surgery today.
-directions to our new place including “turn right at Hooters and turn left at Dr. John’s”.
-sending a flirty text to John but it saying it’s from my little brother in John’s phone because I inherited brother’s phone recently and the number is still stored under his name.
-what this pregnancy is doing to my bowls.  Poor John.
-four different people inviting us to dinner at our very first time attending the new ward!
-orange dream Jamba juices. ‘Nuff said.
-getting an email from the brother mentioned above who just finished his first week in the Missionary Training Center and him reporting he is the happiest he has ever been and his only complaint is that they aren’t teaching him Slovak fast enough.
-talking one on one with my nephew and dream boy Joshy.
-My sister Andee offering to make us dinner tonight even though she had no idea John had to get gum graft surgery today.  She was inspired.
-hilarious texts from my dear mother.
-John’s adorable flirtiness.
-Bigger apartment for cheaper rent.
-unmentionably generous in-laws.
-Callie at Nordstrom’s and her incredible customer service.
-scripture study and cuddle time with my eternal boyfriend.  Gotta go.