So this pregnancy thing isn’t as easy as it has always looked to me, come to find out.  I’m pretty dern sick most of the time.  Tired, dizzy, cramping, short of breath, always hungry.
Not to mention the crazy dreams I’ve been having.
My favorite so far was definitely when I dreamed that I carried the baby in my bahonkis instead of my belly.  The result?
The baby is kicking.
And I don’t know why I drew this picture with a smile on her face….  I was definitely not smiling in the dream.  But I was smiling when I woke up, because it was hilarious that my subconscience is worried about my bum getting bigger!  We’ll see what the next nine month’s worth of dreams has to throw at me. You can rest assured you’ll be getting full reports.


  1. Lexi says:

    I had the same dream! I swear that’s where I gain all of my pregnancy weight. Congrats congrats congrats on the little one. He/She is joining a great family!

  2. Katie says:

    I had no idea you were such an artist. Oh, and Lex, I think the butt pregnancy weight gain is in our jeans ahem genes ha ha ha 🙂

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