Birthday Review

So my birthday was about a month ago now and I am just barely getting around to immortalizing the experience through blogging about it.  Better late than never!
I have to say that I had the greatest birthday ever.  A lot of people think I’m crazy that I chose to get married three days before my birthday (and the same week as Thanksgiving!).  They think that the celebrations would either be lessened because of having to have them so close or at least one or the other would suffer.  “You’ll only ever get a present for one occasion or the other!” I often hear.  And if I were married to anyone else, that is totally what would happen.
But not with JWH around.  He goes out of his way to make the anniversary as big a deal as it deserves to be, and then does it all over again three days later with my birthday.  Neither suffer.  In fact, if anything they are better celebrations than they would have been because John makes a particular point to make sure it doesn’t look like he’s using the “two-celebrations-in-one” thing as a copout.  So after this amazing celebration came this one:
I awoke at about 7:00 am {even though it was a Saturday–I can’t usually sleep in later than that} to the entire apartment decorated.  John had gotten up in the middle of the night to decorate the place, down to the toilet paper roll.  It made me feel so loved!
Yes that is a birthday streamer wrapped inside the toilet paper roll that would unroll with the toilet paper when you needed a few squares.  It was like a potty-party!
He said he bought the “Happy 1st birthday” doo-da because it was super cheap.  So it didn’t exactly apply, but I loved it anyway, and it added to the fun.
Then we went to the BYU-UTAH game.  It was very cold and very frustrating for the most part, but the Utes pulled out it for my birthday!  It was a birthday miracle!!
Afterwards John surprised me with dinner out at Rumbi Island Grill.  It was wonderful.  We love eating out together, though we don’t get to do it that much on our limited starving-student budge.
At dinner John said he had another surprise for me.  He said that his parents had bought us Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets and we were going right after dinner!  I was so excited!  So we met up with the fam and enjoyed a display of beautiful long legs kicking and flailing and some great musical talent to boot!  It was my first Rockettes experience, in spite having having been to New York four times.  Thanks Mama H and Papa J!!
{It was fa-REEEE-zing that night, but I’m still smiling under that scarf.}
The fun didn’t end there.  When we got home John gave me a cute card with very specific instructions in it that lead me on a little scavenger hunt to find some pressies.  Such instructions include but were not limited to sachet-ing around the apartment from present to present.  I couldn’t retrieve the gift unless I followed the instructions exactly.
Here I am sachet-ing:
{you can’t really tell…}
And here are the presents I discovered upon sachet-ing about the apartment:
First, the card {with the instructions}, below that–some body wash–the MOISTURIZING kind.  My baby spares no expense!  Upper Right corner we have a new iPod cord for my car, and below that is a beautiful new robe!  The very one I had hinted to John back in April that I wanted!  And as a present to John I threw away my old robe–it was bright blue terry cloth with bright pink and yellow care bear-esque shooting stars all over it {it was warm, ok!}.  So we both win!
Then we smooched a little before sleepy time.  It was such a special day for me.  I’m so grateful for such a compassionate husband who loves to make big deals out of things for me.  It’s just so fun making memories with this guy!


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  1. CKE says:

    What a cute birthday! John did such a good job! My John’s bday is ONE day after our anniversary, so I’m trying to think of new ideas to keep them separated too!!! 🙂

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