Giving Thanks, part 9: D. I.

Today I am grateful for Deseret Industries.
So, I have this thing with shopping.  I LOVE it.  But, as mentioned in previous posts, we are dirt poor.  So I have been satiating my passion for clothes at the D.I.  I have always shopped there, but have been newly inspired by the gals at Daybook, What Would a Nerd Wear, Clothed Much, and Uber Chic for Cheap to take it to the next level with combining clothes I already have and finding awesome gems at thrift stores.  I LOVE  these blogs!!!  Check them out.  Three of the four are Mormon Fashion Bloggers and devote their blogs to modesty.  Love.
So today I went to the D.I. and got some amazing pieces: a pair of tweed dress pants, a white blazer, four shirts, and a pair of tweed heals!  For $30.00!!   I should take pictures of them all and post them.  In fact, the gals at the above blogs do this thing called “30 for 30” (love this one, too) where they commit to not go shopping for 30 days,  pick 30 pieces, including shoes, that they combine and layer and display in 30 different ways for 30 days.  I think it sounds awesome!  And it keeps your closet clean and organized and less jam-packed. (I have literally broken my closet before because of my abundance of clothes.)  I think I’m going to do this and post the pictures of the outfits each day here.  Anyone wanna join me?  It’ll be a clothing adventure–the best kind of adventure!