Giving Thanks, part 7: Sacrifice

Today I am thankful for sacrifice.
I have been thinking the past few days about how blessed I am and how I haven’t really been asked to give up anything that I would consider a need as I have transitioned into married lifestyle.  I really have every accommodation for a comfortable life, and then some.  But I feel somewhat spoiled, and I fear that I will become so accustomed to luxury that I will find it hard to sacrifice when I am asked to.  So I have decided to weed out some unnecessary expenditures so that I can prove to myself that I can, in fact, go without and be happy to.
So I am canceling my iPhone contract.
When the thought first came into my mind that the iPhone wasn’t necessary, I immediately dismissed it and tried to convince myself that that simply wasn’t an option.  I mean, what am I going to do if I can’t look up Diana Ross in Wikipedia wherever I want?
(I have done that before, in the bathroom at Dan’s Grocer)
But then I caught myself and my selfishness, and immediately wanted to prove to myself that that wasn’t me.  And I became EXCITED to give it up!  I was elated with the thought that I had something I loved so much that I could give up.  It was like I was proving to myself that material things weren’t important, and were completely expendable with my new attitude about sacrifice.  I have felt so empowered since I decided to enthusiastically cancel the contract and get a completely basic phone with no fluff.
And we’ll save $60 a month, thank you very much!


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  1. Dub says:

    Doesn’t Dan’s have the most DELIGHTFUL restroom? I mean, even if you don’t have access to information on such fascinating celebrities as Diana Ross, you can still have an extremely pleasant experience! I just love a well-kempt public restroom, ya know?

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