Giving Thanks, part 26: Pressies

Today I am grateful for presents!
They just make me so …. happy!
So you are gonna die.  My birthday is tomorrow, see, and my incredible in-laws decided to celebrate today with me since Papa J is going to be working all weekend long.  So JW went over there this morning and they had a couple pressies for me, one being notably large in size.  The first one I opened was a super cute new shirt from J Crew.  Loved it!  Then I joked about the second one being the little black baby boy I had asked for (I want to adopt a brown baby boy so much!) since it was so huge.  We laughed as I was opening it, but then when I saw what it was I was speechless!
Ladies and Gents—THE CRICUT IMAGINE!  ALL FOR ME!!!!!
My life is going to be so much cuter from here on out.  And yours can be to if you ever wanna come over and borrow it!!
Then, to make it even better (if that’s possible), Mama H mentioned they were having a black friday sale at Robert’s on cartridges.  So John and I scampered on over to Robert’s (yes, my I made my hubby go to the craft store with me, which was not the first time) and found 4 cartridges for $85!  IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!  The whole day was, really.
This week, holy cow.  Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, my birthday, my mom’s birthday… And I got a diamond ring and a cricut imagine! I just find myself giggling all day long!

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