Giving Thanks, part 25: Thanksgiving

Today I am grateful for Thanksgiving!
Surprise, surprise, I know.We went to John’s aunt and uncle’s home and all of Mama H’s side of the family was there.
Now, when the H sisters get together you know you’re going to eat gourmet food and be surrounded by beautiful decor at one heck of a par-tay.  They did not disappoint for our Thanksgiving feast.
Let me paint a picture for you:
Baked brie and jam in a pastry puff with crackers for an appetizer, lit candles everywhere, gorgeous center pieces, indescribably delish food, heaps of delectable pie, and bingo with legit prizes.  All of it was GOR-GEOUS.  Martha Stewart?  Who’s that?  I dunno.


John’s family is so gracious.  All of them.  Papa J’s sister and brother in law, Mary and Tom, came from out of state for the past few days to hang out.  And yes, they survived the “storm of the century” (along with the rest of us—-most anticlimactic storm ever…) even though they come from Cali.  They are such remarkable people.  So full of love, real love, for everyone around them.  They are such grateful folks.  So is Mama H’s side of the fam.  Such warm, open, loving relatives.  I feel so blessed to be eternally tied to such incredible people.  I have so much to learn from them, and forever to learn it.

Then after the feast all of my siblings met at my parents’ house for a pie party.  I made this, and it was pretty dern delicioso if I can say so.  We all just hung out and laughed and had a great time together.  I love my family so much it hurts.  But in a good way.  I’m sure you all know exactly what I mean.  At least you deserve to know exactly what I mean.

May we all be a little kinder and a little more patient with those we love the most.  Sometimes it’s easiest to treat them the worst of all our loved ones because they will always be there.  But I know if we treat our spouses and parents and siblings and children with love and respect and reverence our lives will be filled with an unspeakable joy.  And our eyes will be able to see so much more to be grateful for.