Giving Thanks, part 24: Happy Anniversary!

Today I grateful to celebrate John’s and my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
We were such babies!  We had no idea what was in store as we took that step of faith to be sealed for all time.  Now with a year behind us and a few more pounds to our midsections, we realize that we never could have imagined it could be so good.  Sure we’ve had the adjusting period, where no matter how good of a person you are you feel selfish and impatient and bratty because of not knowing how to deal with certain scenarios that you can only deal with once you’re married.  So yes, it hasn’t all been easy.  In fact, I know exactly what people mean when they say that the first year of marriage is the hardest.  Simply because I’m learning to be patient with myself in a way I never have had to before.  But this past year has been the best year of my life.  To get to be with your best friend all the time is a dream come true, even when you are bugging each other so bad because you swear it’s his turn to do the dishes but he thinks it’s yours.  I wouldn’t trade marriage for anything.  It just feels so….safe.
So for our anniversary celebration we went to PF Changs and I stuffed my face relentlessly.
Then I gave JW my gift.
I had been working on it here and there for a few days and was so proud of how it turned out.  I got the idea from my dear friend Jer who got the idea here.  It’s originally meant for Christmas so I had to tweak it a little to make it for our anniversary.  Here are the coupons!  They are a little out of order, with December actually being the first dayt coupon of Year Two because our anniversary is in November.  But you get the idea:
On the second dayt of year two you’re in for one fun date as we bundle up and on the ice we skate.  On the third dayt of year two the one who loves you most will plan a party both of you will host.  On the fourth dayt of year two we both will learn a lesson at dinner and a temple session.  
On the fifth dayt of year two we’ll get the ball rolling at a game or two or three of bowling.  On the sixth dayt of year two I’ll get home from work right quick to enjoy with you a dinner picnic.  On the seventh dayt of year two you’re in for one fun treat to find a nd try a new place to eat.
On the eighth dayt of year two your wife will show her smarts by beating you at golf and go carts.  On the ninth dayt of year two your wife said “let’s go see a chick flick or a boring guy movie.”  On the tenth dayt of year two I’ve got this in the bag–prepare to lose a game of lazer tag.
On the eleventh dayt of year two your wife will show the way to get you out of the crazy corn maze.  On the twelfth dayt of year two one last big date with hub, relaxing romantically in a hot tub.  On the first dayt of year two your sweet wife gave to you a dinner and a movie for two.
So that was my cute little gifter.  John, however, went a little more all out.  Throughout the night he would give me little slips of paper, totaling 12 for the first 12 months of marriage, that said something about me he loved:
1. Your smile is my happy thought
2. “If you love me you’ve got to marry me.”  {inside joke}
3. You make people laugh and you inspire them with your amazing blog.
4. From the moment we met, we just….fit.
5. I know you will always be by my side.  No matter what.
6. When you sing it moves me in a wonderful way.
7. Your shimmying. {another inside joke}
8. You are a product of and my favourite contributing factor to an incredible family.
{we use Canadian and Irish spelling in our home}
9. You have a cute toosh.
10. You make me believe I could do anything.
11. You are the best woman I could imagine to be the mother of our children.
12. You see good in people where others would not bother to look.
Then we went to Temple Square.  Fa-Ree-Zing.  We were the only ones there, it was so cold.  No one else was crazy enough to be out there.  But no one else was planning on doing what John had in store, either.  We were walking around, me in my parka and blanket,
when John pulled out this little silver box.  From Stroud Jewelers:
He bought me a diamond band to go along with my wedding ring!  The idea behind my wedding ring was that once he gave it to me we would go pick out a ring together to accompany it, since John had picked it out himself without me knowing.  But I just loved the ring he chose for me so much that I didn’t want to add anything to it.  But after we got married we would look here and there for something that I liked.  I was very particular.  I didn’t want it to take anything away from the original ring and I didn’t want it to make the ring any less elegant and simple.
Anyway, we ended up finding a perfect addition back in April but simply could not afford it.  But at that moment John conceived the plan to save money each month so that he could semi-afford to get it for me for our one year anniversary.  And I had no clue this whole time!  And I love it so so so much.  It keeps the integrity of the original look but adds just a little more sparkle:).
Needless to say, it was a fabulous night.  Thanks to an amazing year one, Baby.  Here’s to forever more!

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  1. CKE says:

    You guys are so creative and soo sooo cute! I’m so glad you landed such a good guy, Jess! Love you! Happy One Year Anniversary!! 🙂

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