Giving Thanks, part 23: Wholesome Entertainment

Today I am grateful for good, clean fun.
We went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 tonight.  It was great, but does not fully fall under the good, clean fun category.  In fact, it’s unnecessary nude scene is what inspired this post.
What the heck!  Sure, nothing was “shown,” but come on people, it wasn’t even in the book.  And it did not illustrate anything more than it would have if they were clothed.
John and I love the innocent entertainment and imaginative flair of Harry Potter and were really disappointed that they included this scene in the movie for no reason at all.  It just goes to show that the media uses sex for entertainment on so many levels.
It’s scary to think of the direction the world is heading, let alone where it already is.  This little nakey scene might not be a big deal to the majority of people in the world, or even in my same faith, but it represents so much more.
I cannot stress enough how much I have been blessed by cleaning up my choice of entertainment since being married to John.  He is the king of good, clean fun and has not a single ounce of desire to cloud his mind and heart in the tiniest degree with anything not considered wholesome and pure.  He literally flees from temptation to the point where it doesn’t seem to tempt him, from my perspective.  I used to be ok with movies and songs that weren’t G rated, but now because of John’s unintentional influence I have grown to appreciate in a whole new way how much better life can be for me when I leave no room for anything not lovely or of good report or praisworthy.  That’s not to say that we only watch G rated movies.  We are just very cautious of the entertainment we choose.
And we are certainly left just as entertained in the end.  Nothing good has been lost as we have left unnecessary filth out of our lives.  And we don’t miss the stuff we leave out.  Some people might think us naiive or prudish, but we have seen and felt the blessings of these concious choices.  I am so grateful for everything John is that inspires me to be better.  He is the most incredible man I have ever know or imagined.  Full of integrity and influence and courage and purity to where he has no room left for guile.
My sweet, kind, compassionate, faithful loverboy.

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