Giving Thanks, part 18: Kitzy

Today I am grateful for my sis.
 Kelsey Kay is my disgustingly talented baby sis.
She’s a step sister in her high school production of Cinderella and BLEW. ME. AWAY. with her unique and brilliant humor when I saw her perform tonight.  I knew she was a funny kiddo, but she took it to a whole new level with this role.  I was the proudest a sister could possibly be as Kelsey dominated that stage.
A little more on K–
A few months ago she competed in a Shakespeare competition of over 100 high schools from the intermountain west and TOOK.  FIRST.  PLACE.  with her comedic monologue from a play I’d never heard of, or maybe I had heard of it but I just don’t know a thing about Shakespeare so I don’t remember hearing about it.  But you don’t HAVE to know a thing about him to appreciate the utter jocularity of Kelsey’s performance.  After she performed her monologue a man came up to us, knowing we were her family, and explained he was a talent-scout-agent-guy and had discovered some pretty famous people (he was tootin his own horn a little, yes), and that he thought Kelsey could seriously make it big on t.v.  Like Disney Channel, we’re talkin.  She’s THAT good.  And she would stay a good example and level-headed if she became a Disney Star role model.  She wouldn’t go crazy like the other “role models” have.  Except Raven.  She’s still legit.
We’ll see where Kels wants this talent of hers to take her.  The sky’s the limit!

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