Giving Thanks, part 17: Me

Today I am grateful to be me.
While sometimes it’s very frustrating to be me, with all my quirks and moodiness, I like how weird I am.  It’s fun.  I can be perfectly entertained even if I’m all alone.
Aside from being crazy, though, I think I’m an ok person.  Like a lot of women out there,
I think deeply and critically and see things for more than their face value.  I would like to think I’m a good friend.  I’m creative and can make things pretty-ish.  I have a few talents, like cooking, singing, writing, teaching…  I try to make my husband’s life comfortable and fulfilling.
But am I the only girl who:
1. wears men’s cologne?
2.  hates reality T.V. but kinda sorta watches it anyway?
3. could live off any and all variations of Mac and Cheese for the rest of my life?
4. has colored in my blond roots with mascara when I died my hair black?
5. has secretly used her husband’s electric rasor to try to shave her legs, only to have her plan of never telling him be foiled by glitter remnants sticking to his face every time he shaves now?
6. hates it when guys think they are so attractive and so cool that they can get away with wearing a nasty molester mustache?
7. uses the men’s bathroom at work and has accidentally walked in on another woman using said men’s restroom in the dark?  That was weird….
8. bursts into song any time someone says something that reminds her of a song?
9. makes her husband watch her as she walks out to her car at 6:30 in the A.M. and it’s still dark out to ensure that she doesn’t get abducted in the wee hours of the morn?
10.  thinks Katy Perry is literally the devil’s mignon, with her sirin voice, catchy tunes, sexual lyrics, and terribley themed musical messages?
11. goes to bed at 8:30 on a regular basis?
12. notices every time someone says “sister-in-laws” instead of “sisters-in-law” or anything like unto that?
13. loves Red Robin more than life itself and can never get enough of their steak fries with amazing fry sauce and ranch dressing for dipping?
14.  is perplexed by men’s shirts buttoning on the opposite side of women’s shirts?
15. wears her husband’s buttom up shirts?
16. is obsessed with all types of fabric flowers?
17. doesn’t really care much about animals? (oh, no she didn’t!)
18. is ocd about her eyebrows, and notices everyone else’s first thing when she meets them?
19. has had her birthday forgotten 4 years in a row due to it falling on or around Thanksgiving, cousin’s wedding, and a mission farewell? I actually think that’s hillarious….
20. takes scalding hot showers?  I mean SCALDing hot…
21. sees 11:27 at LEAST 4 times a week when she looks at the clock, which is extra eery because her birthday is ON 11/27?
22. has an almost phobia of bad breath and boogies?
23. proof reads her texts to make sure they are gramatically correct with all words spelled correctly?
24. doesn’t use text talk? Ever?  Except to make fun of it?
25.  doesn’t really like to exercise but tells everyone she does to try to trick herself into liking it?
26. Loves old school Will Smith and has all his stuff memorized?  Including all of Fresh Prince?
27. Still watches “That’s So Raven” on abc 4 on Saturday morning even though she is 25 years old?
 28. has “liberation” dinners (meaning we sometimes go out to dinner with no bras on…) with her friend Jess?
29. watches the food network while she works out?
30. thinks nothing in life is so hard that a good breakfast sandwich can’t fix it?
Yeah, I don’t think any one is as weird as me.  Or has as much fun as me:)  Except maybe John.  He may get a bigger kick out of me than I get out of myself, it that’s possible.


  1. sisters4saymoreismore says:

    oh my gosh you are freaking hilarious!!! its funny caues just today i was blogging about gratitude.. sort of… shoes and smokey eyes and gratitude…. still, it does change your out look to be grateful for even the quirky things that make you, you… and sometimes it makes people laugh, which is my favorite part!


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